Hello everyone,

Tom from Montalk was kind enough to introduce me to this forum. I've been been lurking for a few days, but am very new to this. The only knowledge I have, come from assorted bits on the internet (I frequent the /x board on 4chan, probably not the most reliable source) and personal experiences.

I've got a lot of questions that I've posed in a thread in Mind's Eye, but hope to shape my experiences into something positive and hopefully, contribute in some shape or form to others. I also love reading your stories.

I'm 28 years old and live with my girlfriend, who's parents are also very spiritually involved. I'm having doubts to share my experiences with them, but it's a bit of a personal threshold I'm not comfortable to leap over. Other than that, I'm an IT consultant during the day, in my spare time, I like bugging my girlfriend, fixing up old handheld gaming devices, etc. Music is important to me, I don't go a day without it and I like playing the electric guitar. I own a cheap, knock-off telecaster that I love to bits. I'm pretty shoddy at it, though Enjoy it, none the less.

Any questions, shoot. Other than that, you got a great thing going on here. And thanks again to Tom, from Montalk!