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Thread: Hammerhead Aliens

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    Quote Originally Posted by Merjose View Post
    and he had a black hat and everyone could see him so also other people saw this strange guy with a hat

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    Quote Originally Posted by atmjjc View Post
    The is reporting that a large UFO object was captured by live camera stream at the International Space Station.

    Its a double post but it belongs also to my long report here (this topic here) because this spaceship filmed here looks absolutly equal to the one in my long report here about the hammerhead shark entities.

    It even got all the lights I described here in my report. They blink in a certain pattern and now you all can see it for yourself trough a filmed video.

    Thats exactly what I saw as a spaceship in my long report and I never thought to see this thing again. The beings in there looked like humanoid hammerhead sharks and its inside was very white and large. Its like a deformed time and space field inside of it and around it. Inside of it it is much larger as from the outside.
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