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Thread: Did The Discovery Channel Fake a Megalodon Picture?

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    Did The Discovery Channel Fake a Megalodon Picture?

    If you watched the documentary on the Discovery Channel titled: Megalodon you may have noticed some too good to be true pics and some questionable marine biologists statements. You are not alone. George Monbiot has noticed these oddly unquestioned claims and has taken a closer look.

    Did Discovery Channel fake the image in its giant shark documentary?

    Image showing Megalodon swimming past U-boats off Cape Town was doctored. Come clean, or prove me wrong

    Image purporting to show a giant shark swimming past German submarines. Photograph: Sharkzilla/Discovery Channel

    "The suspicion that the Discovery Channel had abandoned its professed editorial standards was a powerful one. As I mentioned in my earlier blog, its documentary claiming that the giant shark Carchardon megalodon still exists contained images which gave a strong impression of being faked; reports of incidents which don't appear to have happened; and interviews with "marine biologists" no one has been able to trace.

    But allegations of fakery are very hard to prove. As you know, absence of evidence doesn't mean evidence of absence. Just because no one has been able to find the news reports the Megalodon show claims to have found, or any record of the deaths of four people in an attack by a giant shark off South Africa last year, or any trace of the suspiciously handsome experts it used to confirm its thesis doesn't prove definitively that all of them are inventions, even though it's hard to see how they could not be."

    (read the rest at the link above)

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    Yeah. The episode on a Great White named submarine had me wondering.
    They had video and claimed he was 35 to 38 feet long.

    Sounds incredible.
    Exaggeration? Or outright deception?
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    Sounds like the show Mermaids......
    "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth"
    Sherlock Holmes

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    Didn't they do another Megalodon 'mocumentary' earlier? As I recall there was a bit of a stink when it was all revealed to not actually be real.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doc View Post
    "The suspicion that the Discovery Channel had abandoned its professed editorial standards..."
    This idea made me laugh out loud.

    The seven billion dollar media corporation Advance Publications, Inc. has been working for years to blur the line between reality and fantasy.

    The long-term goal is to completely cripple the ability of human cattle to distinguish between what is real, and what is not real.

    The plan is working. Most people today believe that War is Peace and Slavery is Freedom.

    More people will believe this in the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonfire View Post
    Sounds like the show Mermaids......
    That one, I thought was clearly fake, and if it was intended to be humor or comedy or parody, it didn't work. It was Expensive Stupidity.

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