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    Quote Originally Posted by CasperParks View Post
    This is a history written in stone, rocks do not lie. Rocks weather at predictable rates, the Sphinx has too much erosion to not be much older than is commonly believed.

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    Calls into question what is taught in schools regarding geology and catastrophic events. What I like about videos like this one, they keep it short and pointed. Fifteen minutes well spent.

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    I have reads lots about geology and the processes that have gone on to cause the land to look like it does. This guy is Michael Steinbacher is crazy. The one true catastrophic event to describe the land in Oregon is from the melting glaciers allowing the deformation of the land to rebound, allowing the several giant lakes to empty toward the Pacific. He justifies his "observations" of fitting the land to what is reported in story telling and myths, which cannot discount the established science of real scientists.

    Example: "The Dolomite Problem", this is not really a problem, so much as geologists when confronted with a problem, usually look for some other issue that will bring them grant money, or cause themselves to be hired out by some corporate entity interested in mineral extraction, needing some geological brains on the staff. Iron ore was deposited only for an initial period because the ph of the oceans and the mix of oxygen in the atmosphere changed. The geologic processes operative in the oceans changed at point where deposition was no longer favorable. Ocean chemistry changed. With the growing carbon dioxide levels changing, we are again altering the chemistry of the oceans. Dolomite was deposited in the oceans when conditions of ph and ocean and atmospheric chemistry favored it. When things changed, the deposition of dolomite stopped and some other precipitate began in line with the changed chemistry. Geologists will someday have a doctoral dissertation to point to this out and recognize the "Dolomite Problem" answer in much the same way as I have laid it out here. Steinbacher has laid out an improbable to an impossible string of explanations and indicated a far different science than the one generally accepted by scientists. He may turn out to be right on some nuances, but the overall story he tells, did not happen the way he thinks.
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    Heading for video Evidence Ancient Aliens Planned Humanity may or may not be correct. Alinements could have another reason other than aliens planned humanity. That is not to say aliens or whatever did not play a role with alinements. Video is well done.

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    Thought this was an interesting video. Constructing something this deep and complex is a major feat, taking a large number of people to accomplish it. What was going on at that time in history?

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    Article is dated April 2020, worth reading. I believe that Dr. Robert M. Schoch is correct, the writings at Göbekli Tepe predates previous known writings by thousands of years.

    If the site of Göbekli Tepe was buried intentionally as suggested by many people. Was it buried prior to the Great Flood? As the Great Flood began, was it buried to save it? Was it the builders intention to return and re-calm it? Was it done to save it for a future generation, in hopes someone would undercover it?

    Lot of questions. Hoping that we'll learn more about the peoples that built the site.

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    7,000 year old artifacts discovered in Florida!

    Click here for article at Miami Herald, 02/09/2023: "A major archaeological discovery was made on the Miami River. Was it kept ‘under wraps’?"

    This was discovered at a construction site for a tower for rental apartments. I understand the frustration of city officials and developers. A lot of money is involved in the project...

    For the past year and a half, with scant public attention, squads of archaeologists digging at the Miami River site of a planned Related Group residential tower complex have unearthed remarkable finds, consisting of thousands of fragmentary prehistoric tools and artifacts, rare and well-preserved animal and plant remnants, vestiges of ancient structures and human remains — including some relics dating back to the earliest days of civilization on the planet.
    7,000 years ago! Ancient structures and human remains! I hope they can get DNA and Genome testing done. Potential to learn about ancient human migration is amazing.

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