I spent some time on the Hybrids Rising web site: http://hybridsrising.com/

It offers quite a bit of interesting information.

What I like about it, because it's something I'm interested in, is that they have some research projects with regard to alien abduction.

The authors say they will endeavour to explore the following subjects:

(1) A historical, fact based and fully referenced timeline relating to events involving Extraterrestrials, Advanced Intelligences and the Contact Phenomenon worldwide;

(2) Images, descriptions and reported activities of the different types of Extraterrestrials and Advanced Intelligences interacting with Earth’s inhabitants;

(3) Information regarding their technology and renderings of their craft;

(4) Information pertaining to Disclosure

(5) Alien Star Maps and Where our Visitors Might Originate;

They already have information on each of the topics.