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Thread: Kennedy's Last Stand: Eisenhower, UFOs, MJ-12 & JFK's Assassination by Michael Salla

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    Kennedy's Last Stand: Eisenhower, UFOs, MJ-12 & JFK's Assassination by Michael Salla

    Article and interview promoting Michael Salla's new book

    The upcoming 51st anniversary of President Kennedy’s assassination and its connection to classified UFO files is discussed in a new video released by Third Phase of Phase on November 6. The video, “UFO Sightings MJ-12: The Presidents Last Stand,” proposes the general public is opening up for the first time to the possibility that Kennedy had a genuine interest in UFOs and that this played a role in his assassination. Using historic documents - both those released through the Freedom of Information Act and those leaked unofficially by whistleblowers – it is proposed that Kennedy tried a number of different initiatives to gain access to classified UFO files. With a subscriber base of almost 200,000, the Third Phase of Moon video introduces a radical new perspective on the Kennedy Assassination to the US and world public.

    The Third Phase of Moon video uses a combination of new film footage taken on the Big Island of Hawaii with the writer wherein my 2013 book, Kennedy’s Last Stand, is discussed, and archived footage of a 2009 lecture wherein documents concerning Kennedy’s efforts to gain access to classified UFO files are discussed. The video begins by discussing President Kennedy’s experiences in Post War Germany where he was a guest of the U.S. Secretary of Navy, James Forrestal, and toured captured Nazi UFO technologies. Kennedy’s war time knowledge of UFOs played a key role in his interest in gaining access to classified UFO files closely safeguarded by the CIA’s counter intelligence division, and a secretive organization called Majestic-12.....

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    Good one Longeyes. I have always wondered about about this connection.

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    Thanks Earthman Sallas has done some great research on this it's worth watching the video too

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    Just finished reading the book and he puts forward a lot of compelling evidence. Kennedy was apparently involved in Paperclip along with James Forrestal, then Secretary of the Navy. He took the young Kennedy under his wing for a time.
    Various documents seem to allege that Kennedy wanted to share UFO secrets with the Russians to stop UFO causing Nuclear War. On Nov 12 1963 he sent NSAM 271 (majestic documents) to NASA and a memorandum to CIA Director Mc Cone Also on (Majestic Documents) to 'review all UFO intelligence files affecting national security' with a view to co operate with NASA and the Russians in a joint space exploration. Ten days later he was dead. I don't know if these documents are authentic but the whole picture seems to be consistent.

    Shame he uses Dan Burisch and Micheal Wolf to back up some of his story. It really makes you doubt the veracity of his claims. Shows Micheal Salla to be a bit flakey which is a shame - there was no need to use them.
    It is a little repetitive at times but puts forth a very convincing argument. Would recommend.
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    Can you quickly explain why Dan and Micheal give you doubts on credibility? (I dont know anything on them. )
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    Neither of them are the real deal. Dan Burisch claims were too far fetched and had nothing to back them up with. He claimed he was in MJ 12 and so amazingly was his girlfriend, his proof an affidavit from his ex wife.
    Micheal Wolf claimed to be the head of MJ-12 another in my opinion faker.
    There are plenty of people telling tales out there my basic rule of thumb is if it seems too good to be true it generally is.

    Don't get me wrong the rest of Dr Salla's book seems very well researched.

    I'll PM you a list of my best evidence.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Longeyes View Post
    Thanks Earthman Sallas has done some great research on this it's worth watching the video too

    Thank you (yet again) Longeyes..

    T.P.O.M.'s sketchy (at the very least) reputation aside, this is an interesting video. After reading his books and listening to several of his lectures, I've become quite impressed with Dr. Salla and his hypothesis on this seems quite logical and well researched.

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