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Thread: Founder of Skeptics Society witnesses paranormal event

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    Founder of Skeptics Society witnesses paranormal event

    Michael Shermer, who founded the Skeptics' Society, witnessed a paranormal even in June, on his wedding day, and he wrote about it.

    This is an article about it:
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    Sometimes seeing, or hearing, is believing. I'm glad he had a personal experience and I hope he reflects on it with a loving heart. My friend had phantom phone calls after his mothers passing which ended as soon as her wake was over. I have "seen" my father and sister and several other relatives and friends just after their passing. I can't explain it I just accepted the experience, as I hope he does. It is a very interesting universe and we don't understand it yet.

    We can analyze things to bits but the heart of the matter is we experienced it and we can't
    UN-experience it.

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    Very well said, southerncross, and very true too.
    Disclosure begins at home so start a conversation about UFOs.
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