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Thread: I had a ET encounter one day ago and I would like to write about it

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    I was doing my daily search around many online forums I frequent, and I ran across an account from a member in a time he spent in the mental,institution. This individual has a sparteil, face and control inside of him but they constantly want him to kill himself.
    I think the more aware of things face is and the more confused the person is may cause increased amounts of psychosis.

    """""""I was sitting next to her.

    She was rocking back and forth completely agitated, it was beyond agitated actually. She would have exploded had she been flammable.
    I looked over at her and sweat was pouring out of her, and it just kept coming to, it was like she was in a non stop sprint she had so much coming out of her. It was really pouring out.
    So she looks over at me and says strangely "We used to be angels." Oh my ■■■■ was it some creepy ■■■■! It was one of those moments like in the movies you know, in horror films. Like when the woman goes "but i am your daughter" in "the others" with nicole kidman, it was really really creepy the way she said it and how it happened.

    So as a guy thats been possessed i had a slight inkling that someone was in her mind speaking through her when she said that. It's happened to me several times now so yeah it can happen.
    It was crazy to because the people working there may have been unaware of her problem, i'm not sure, i think some of them know at least. She didn't need any pills to say the least, you could give her pills i guess if nothing else could be done for her, but at the core of it she didn't really need pills.

    That was one of my experiences at the psyche ward. '''''''''''''''''

    Angel = sparteil in this case.


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    This is the last knot that I am so far aware of and it is the placement of tophat and them and they. Knot 4


    The top hat has two nodes that are inside of him that prevent all minds from finding his mind they repeat; This is my mind, your mind is your mind and my mind is not your mind. They repeat this over and over again and use strong physical imaginations to prevent anything from entering tophats mind. There are older more evolved human souls on this planet those that have been here only a few reincarnations it is these souls that replacement cannot become. If replacement cannot become you then tophat is then queued that this soul is the one it is looking for. Tophats first program is if replacement cannot figure it out then he will figure it out. Once tophat finds the soul itís looking for it calls for them and they to become something inside of it. I found that when this happens all that is left is tophat and the mind of the loungecast till the day the human body dies, he leaves your soul in side yourself and becomes himself inside you also. The only reason they do not try to become your soul is because they want to only become themselves. This is their programming; I need to become myself now so I can become myself many more times. Once the human body dies then they gain control over the sparteil it removes your soul and then directs them to reincarnate tophat into a new body this bypasses your world soul object.

    I know there is something in replacement that will terminate and when this happens everything with them will die. I am unsure of their programming or the source of this signal or code or whatever that will cause this but only that it exists.
    Spiritual sites are what they are looking for and the type people the tophats need to become. You have no protection against them if they find your mind and all the healers, psychicís, spiritualists and magic in the world will not stop it.


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    Recently I was reading A Seperate Reality by Carlos Castaneda. The Shaman teacher explains to his student Carlos about the inorganic beings he calls "Allies" take various forms, one of which reminded me of the beings spoke of in this thread, with the triangle shape and pointy head.

    from page 41...

    "How does an ally look to a coyote?"
    "I would have to be a coyote to know that. I can tell you, however, that to a crow it looks like a pointed hat. Round and wide at the bottom, ending in a long point. Some of them shine, but the majority are dull and appear to be very heavy. They resemble a dripping piece of cloth. They are foreboding shapes."
    "How do they look to you when you see them, don Juan?"
    "I've told you already; they look like whatever they're pretending to be. They take any shape or size that suits them. They could be shaped like a pebble or a mountain."


    don Juan also says that he can tell that some humans are not really humans. With his heightened awareness and perceptivity, he can clairvoyantly see humans as luminous eggs with heightened awareness. But when allies pretend to be human they just look human. So not all people we see are really people. He has fun spotting them by observing people at bus stops and other places. He also says that sorcerers use the allies and put them to use for whatever purpose they see fit. They connect with the allies through entheogenic plants. ...reminds me, that the Cassiopaean channeling material mentions DMT allowing humans to bleedthrough to 4th density. I have personal experience of that, it sounds about right.
    "Behold, I stand at the door, and knock."

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