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    Hi Everyone

    Nice to be here,Thank you very much Garuda.Just wanted to say Hi,i am a South African abductee,who has also seen much ufo activity in the region where i live,and have had much strangeness and strange experiences in my life.From the age of 3 years old,when i had my first high strange experience,which changed my life forever,i have always had a keen awareness that the world is different from what most people perceive it to be,and the "hidden hand(s)" /forces majeure engineering this reality,and the lives of the human race.As an abductee,who was adopted into a very strange family through a Freemason friend of theirs,into a house that could be cliche'd as a "haunted house",and being an empath/sensitive,i had never had much normalcy in my life growing up.

    Into adulthood,and for all of my life,the high strangeness has continued,although now that i am almost 50,it seems to be tapering off at last,or for the time being,anyway.However i am still firmly stuck in the life situation engineered for me.The primary thing about being an abductee,is that your whole lifepath is indeed engineered and manipulated,from birth,with real free will pretty much extending to choices as to what you will be having for dinner,or what colour t-shirt you will be wearing that day.Although there is a physical aspect to being an abductee,one which can at times involve much physical pain and even debilitation,and the strange unexplained marks and injuries one periodically wakes up with,the most insidious and diabolical aspect is the Prime one,which is a Truman Show-style total engineering of lifepaths,life circumstances and destinies.Maybe as time goes by,if this forum is conducive to such discussion,i could talk more about that aspect of it,and if anyone is maybe interested.

    It all boils down,in the end to this: All one can do is hack it as best you can,and try to find some measure of happiness and personal fulfilment within invisible prison walls.

    Anyway,apologies if my introduction sounds rather sombre I do have a sense of humour,and can be very upbeat too,just i thought it best i give a bit of background about my life in the intro.

    Wish y'all a goodly day

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    Welcome to the OutPost Forum...

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    Welcome, Trinity! I hope you enjoy The OutPost Forum. Your experiences sound very interesting.

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    Hi Trinity! Welcome to the Outpost Forum.

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    Welcome to top!
    "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth"
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    Hi, Trinity and welcome,, wait l am new as well, ummm, Merry Christmas?

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    Hi, Trinity and welcome,, wait l am new as well, ummm, Merry Christmas?

    Welcome aboard tmcom!!!

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    Hi, Trinity and welcome,, wait l am new as well, ummm, Merry Christmas?


    Welcome to The Outpost Forum...

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    Welcome aboard tmcom!!!
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    Welcome to The Outpost Forum...
    Thanks, guys.

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