Another great article from the spiritual philosopher, Chuck Hayden :

""The frictional method of last resort for the activation of the Kundalini.

As there are innumerable paths to the top of the mountain and myriad different types of people in the world it is a certainty that many different paths are needed so that all can arrive at their destination. If other methods of gently awakening your power within have not led you to the achievements you seek there are bolder ways to go about your evolution.

It is important that you should take note of a few factors if you would take a more active approach to your energetic awakening. To employ this method you must shunt yourself off energetically from others and the world around you. You must focus your thoughts and feelings in-ward, indeed throughout this process you will simply have nothing to offer anyone else until its completion.

Most whom have set foot on the path have experienced deep pain and many paths of ascension involve letting go of your sorrows so that you may rise. This method instead seeks to harness the dense, heavy emotions to employ the inherent energy to be found in them. The relationship between light emotions and dark emotions can be likened to matter and antimatter. When they collide they mutually annihilate each other and release all of the potential energy they contain.

The deepest and most heartfelt yearning one has must be turned away from at the same time hope still harbored for attaining it. The friction this causes is not an easy thing to endure but it is the mechanism by which the raw and non-polarized energy is generated.
During this time that you have become in effect a mental-emotional pressure-cooker there are also a few external components to implement. The use of emotionally stirring music is of a particular importance. Though it should be noted that the music you choose should inspire more energetic emotions.

The use of crystals during the process is not advisable as they are capable of causing interference in the friction mechanism. If you choose to employ this method you should discontinue their use and limit your proximity for the duration, though the use of a metal implement such as a common butter knife can be valuable. This is mostly done with the brow chakra. Hold the tip close to your skin and touch it with your intent as you draw the object away while you pull it towards you with your intent.

You can use the same process with the rest of your chakra system except the crown. It is important to keep your crown closed and dormant throughout this process. The two main gates that facilitate the frictional generation are the solar and the brow. In essence you are setting one against the other and storing the energy until it reaches a critical mass.

Once critical mass has been attained a massive energy surge will course up the spine and seemingly slam into the base of your skull before being redirected back to its origin in a sort of super-conductive loop. The warm tingle will spread throughout the entire body from the core column.
You may feel like sinking to your knees even though in the moment of activation you feel as if you could “take on the world” or heal it completely. And once you have achieved activation you may again open yourself up to the wide world around you.

Again it cannot be stressed enough to not employ this method lightly. It is difficult and can exact a heavy toll but if you have not met with success using other methods it can be an effective last resort. ""


About the author: Chuck Hayden has been studying esoteric knowledge and traditions for over twenty years and now shares his findings in an effort to empower humanity. He asks that you never accept the word of anyone as absolute and use your discernment to draw your own conclusions. He can be reached at

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