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Thread: "Anonymous" the US Army Signals Officer & CIA Operative - Could it be true?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doc View Post
    I belief Anonymous, also. I can see how some of what he says is consistent with other revelations about that time period. I can't believe it is just a dying man trying to grab a relatively worthless piece of fame by repeating a tale he'd read and really knew nothing first hand about. Too little reward and much more important things on his mind. Doesn't mean he couldn't have done that but unlikely in my opinion. I put this in the pile with all the other late-life confessions about UFOs, etc.
    Wansen, what do you find particularly disturbing about it?
    My impressions are that he didn't reveal anything in any way sensitive.
    The person asking him questions also seemingly asked him questions like how "he felt" about things. Pretty irrelevant considering at each turn he was about to say something he is interrupted to ask how he felt.

    I realize he is on his deathbed but at the same time while watching this short interview I noticed that the man is still very loyal to what he dedicated his life to.
    All his answers were squared away into the confines of the narrative of popular UFO culture.

    He seemed at all times to "conform" his answers into the box that the UFO community accepts as actual fact.
    Any time the interviewer barely graces a question worth asking the guy squared it with what UFO lore has to offer.

    As far as I saw, from a 20 minute sample, it seems pretty evident that he never has any intentions of breaking oaths or revealing what is behind the curtain.
    Instead he seemingly shows just how incredibly loyal he is at every turn. Across his face often comes the look of someone who was seemingly pretty happy with the work he was a part of at his job.

    Any relevant detail is omitted by himself and the person asking questions strangely leads him down a path of pretty ridiculously focused questions.


    The guy is still very loyal to the agenda behind the curtain. No signs of giving up the golden eggs and his body language seems to indicate that he was anything but pretty darn happy with his work over the course of many years.

    No signs of distress, distrust, discomfort, disobedience....nada.

    Regardless of the circumstances of his then impending death he seems pretty laid back while reading back UFO lore in the ear of the questioner and the camera.


    Hes not your typical liar, but he doesn't give away anything.
    A nod to the department that keeps these folks in check, I guess?

    Guys/Gals, watch it over again and keep in mind what I have said. See if you see any "cause" for this guy to even leak a single thing. If anything he just looks like he is perpetuating UFO community folklore.
    For every action, there is a corresponding over-reaction. -- Anonymous

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    "Anonymous" the US Army Signals Officer & CIA Operative - Could it be true?

    Discussed back in 2013 here:

    Check my posts and discoveries there. I already proposed healthy skepticism since Kewper is a supporter of Santilli's autopsy film (during 1990s). Of course I will not completely downgrade all other claims because we don't have all the background pieces. But preliminary caution is advisable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wansen View Post

    IMO, a potential watershed interview.

    In under 20 minutes he claims MIB's are real, MJ-12 existed, Area 51 not only had recovered disks but also an ET who provided the equation for anti-gravity (on an index card no less!!), and that Ike was going to invade Area 51 with the 1st Division.

    An incredible revelation or the fiction of a hoaxer or perhaps deranged mind?

    Knowing that he was likely to die soon (indeed he did die three months after this interview), what could be his motivation for lying with no obvious remuneration?

    For what it's worth, I heard an interview with the man who owns and runs and he claims to have personally vetted "Anonymous" by seeing his CIA credentials, awards, etc.

    This one has kept me awake and wondering more than a few nights and I would very much welcome the thoughts of Forum members.
    It seems that the YouTube in the 1st post of this thread has been removed . . .

    I have this one in "book mark" . . .

    I don't think it is the exact one Wansen posted, but is the same event. . .
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    I had seen the 'Anonymous' interview on Facebook a few months ago. Very good interview and I believe him. You could tell he was nervous at first, like his heart was racing, etc. A bit of fear. He felt good afterwards.

    Sad to think of all the amazing information that is being held back from us.

    Wansen, have you heard the interview of Charles Hall about the Tall Whites? I would be curious to hear what you think on that some time.

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    Thanks Ufo Radio only just followed up on this.

    'Anonymous' is Linda Moulton Howe's 'Kewper Stein'. Jeremy Corbell confirmed this in his Coast to Coast interview linked to the site.

    Almost a full set of Linda's 20 Reports are on 'Stein' this site

    Read through them all he lists craft at Area 51 as Vril and Hannubu I and II, these craft were almost certainly made up in the 1990's by Norbert Jürgen-Ratthofer and Ralf Ett. His earlier interviews make no mention of Eisenhower sending in the 1st Army.

    Apparently Richard Dolan revealed in his show on may 5th 2013 that he didn't believe him.

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