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Thread: Ebens, Serpo, and thinking...

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    Ebens, Serpo, and thinking...

    After reading the book 'Secret Journey to the Planet Serpo', finishing the book perhaps 2 or 3 months ago now, I am left with thoughts of those people on that other world. Visions that the team commander wrote about on how the Ebens ate at their meals, their vegetarian diets of foods that were like veggies and fruit, that milk substance from their trees in the forest regions, and the 'oatmeal' that taste like paper. That, for some reason, goes through my mind often.

    I have been buying a lot of these snack kits lately (at Walmart). One has Apple slices, small cubes of cheddar cheese, and mini pretzels. I call this jokingly my Eben K-ration food kit, lol. Yeah, sounds geek like. The USAF team lived on military K-rations for 5 years (the ones they brought from home, from Earth) till they ran out. Theirs were military and probably mostly dry packets that needed water mixed in and probably cooking, like spaghetti kits, stew kits, etc. Then you have the Ebens that have a pure food intake, it seems. Mostly raw or cooked 'pure' food, like veggies and 'oatmeal' and things. Perhaps they didnt detail stuff on the food, but it seems that they ate clean, pure food. Our food is riddled with GMA's, MSG's, salt, things to preserve the food (bread that lasts a month??) etc, etc. Some American foods are actually illegal in France and Germany, they are so full of dangerous drugs. Even chicken and beef has tons of hormones in them from making chickens (and cows) grow faster so now the chickens go to market in just several weeks (aging is increased in speed). However, now kids are starting to go through puberty at 12 years old and younger compared with 14 to 16 years of age previously historically. We are poisoning oursevles tremendously.

    So here I sit, having a Eben K-ration, wondering about health, food input, and those people on another world that appear to eat pure foods and how we could learn so much from just that one, single vision.....

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    certified vintage cheddar cheese and red wine recommended while viewing star fields of the milky way

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    emmental goes politely with sweet white wine when contemplating the andromeda galaxy

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    even with the contridictions the serpo mission report was prophetic

    but, so was h g wells novel, the time machine

    and, mark twain wrote much of tom sawyer through experience

    an afterthought ..

    why did two serpo mission team members remain on serpo

    ? ?

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