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Thread: UFO crash exposes MIBs

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    UFO crash exposes MIBs

    Your opinion please

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    Quote Originally Posted by GusB View Post
    Your opinion please

    Disingenuous agent asking for 'Patriotic' Cooperation.

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    I'm thinking verification of nuclear powered air & space craft. Also this could be the team that deals with UFO crashes and ET contamination.

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    If they are hanging around Needles, then I guess that means an ET (or two) are missing from the crash site, though probably retrieved by their mates by now, I would think.

    Not right that they bully people around.

    MIB is usually in a black, older sedan, and they 'appear' and 'disappear'. White skin, they run out of energy in about an hour for some reason, and appear to be having health issues as well after about an hour. Makes me think they are ET's themselves.

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    I remember seeing this video before some time ago (this one shows it was posted in 2008).

    Secondly, it has nothing to do with MIB.

    The NNSA are an interesting group.


    Mmm, yes, very curious, very interesting...

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    Note: video at 4:11 shows agents wresteling a re-entry warhead shape.

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