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Thread: 'Patient Seventeen' by Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell

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    Quote Originally Posted by Longeyes View Post
    Jeremy seem to be doing alright from his film making

    $1.8 million for 1,264 square foot home on 0.75 acres ???

    Remarkable . . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Longeyes View Post
    Patient Seventeen is now available free on Netflix.

    Had another watch yesterday, I wonder when Steve Colbern (Patient 15) might show up again?
    Did the research have ties with Bigelow? I don't know but Tom De Longe has promised they will give physical evidence including implants would they have got them from Dr Leir's team?
    Chris Cooper aka Nanoman is still also keeping under the radar.
    This is interesting - Steve Colbern has popped up again this time in connection with Patrick Jackson the UK writer of 'Quantum Paranormal'
    Jackson reached out to Steve over his idea that there was some kind of network that implants might be using, in the video he describes it as some kind of E-M scalar wave.

    Interestingly Ross Coulthard mentions Patrick Jackson and his book in his recent Aug 2023 talk in Sydney when asked about his metal spheres.

    Steve C says in this talk that US military is using scalar waves to block missiles (@16' 32") He might have the contacts after working with Dr Leir all those years but who knows?
    Not sure about Jackson's read on the orbs/spheres he claims a lot of paranormal activity is these orbs warning us away from scalar sources but seems a little garbled. He claims they are warning us away by creating moving objects and making sounds but then they are themselves emitters of the scalar waves so which is it? They can't be both?

    Who knows? If Ross thinks they are onto something maybe he's had confirmation from his insider sources?

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