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Thread: Flux Liner and poisoned Director of Documentary

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    Flux Liner and poisoned Director of Documentary

    This is a very interesting documentary done by a gentleman that was in the end poisoned before he could release his documentary.

    The documentary involves a flying saucer program by the USAF, a prototype, done decades ago, perhaps in the 1950's.

    Information on his poisoning is in the end of the documentary. Sad. Pathetic that someone would kill people over 1950's anti gravity technology.

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    Awesome spot Lionheart will watch with interest!

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    Watched it fabulous documentary. RIP James Allen who made it a a thesis for his filmmaking course, it is all about Mark McCandlish's graphic design of the ARV (Alien Reproduction Vehicle)
    Mark McCandlish was an original member of the disclosure project panel in 2001. He worked for big aerospace companies as a graphic designer.

    This deserves to get some good airplay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Longeyes View Post
    This deserves to get some good airplay.

    Yep. I second that.

    The really horrible part that I just cant figure out is that they would kill that director, James Allen, over such an old aerospace project! They talked about witnesses seeing it later, still flying, and how run down it was, chipped paint and showing much age. This technology was first learned by the Germans in the 1930's. Yes, they also used reverse engineered Alien tech to make this craft, but its the same tech as the Haunebu and Vril craft from Germany.

    ....Then... They showed how much the oil companies made. It all fell together then.

    A craft that runs on a magnetic field this dense, which can afford to not only hover, but go extremely fast, requires TONS of volts. Power. Electricity. Electrons. A Zero Point energy device is 'required' for a small craft like this. The crashed Roswell craft had one that was about a foot square and about 1 inch thick called the 'magic cube' and the CR, (crystal rectangle, I think?). This had a small dot of anti matter in it and produced all the power this little craft needed to do what it does. The Germans had the Kohler Konverter. These devices, and as the video shows, many people have come up with many forms of these Zero Point devices, gather up 'Quanta' energy, which is what 'Quantum Physics' is based on. Quanta is energy that is constantly fluxing through dimensions and appears/disappears constantly, and fills the Universe. Its everywhere. Thats why some call it free energy. Its there, its there for the giving, and you do not need to pay for it. These craft need MASSIVE amounts of power, and Zero Point is the only way to make them fly (and go to other worlds).

    The reason we do not have hover cars, flying cars, speeders, X-Wings that can vertically land, WWII Haunebus, wingless airliners that can do 2,000 MPH soundlessly, why we do not have bases on Mars, the Moon, Europa, and other planets outside this solar system, is the oil companies. Money, corruption, evil, rooted into governments, controlling humanity.

    I would venture to say, this is even why Disclosure hasnt occurred is 'oil companies', their grip on us for our money. control...

    That is why James died, I feel.


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    Absolutely riveting.

    James' death is a reminder to us all of how evil TPTB are.

    Thank you for this highly thought provoking post lionheart001.

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    Reminiscing a bit here . . . reminded me of this thread.

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    The broken link from above

    Zero Point The Story of Mark McCandlish and the Fluxliner

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