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Sometime early Thursday morning, I woke up from a beautiful dream. I dreamt that I was in some kind of structure with walls of what looked like glass, held together by some sort of welded beam. The structure wasn’t on Earth. It was either a spaceship or on a moon near a planet that looked like Saturn. I could see the planet through the glass and it was huge. It didn’t fill up the whole glass wall (which was about as high as 2 to 4 apartment building floors) but it did fill up about 80% of the height. The planet was tilted to about 11:00 and the rings could clearly be seen. It was the rings that made me think it was Saturn but the color of the planet wasn’t right. The planet was a mottled dark blue and white, very much like pictures of Earth. I could feel someone standing there with me but I don’t know who it was. All I could do was look at the planet with awe.
I can't help but wonder if at least, one of these objects, was the structure from where I was shown Titan.