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Thread: Peter Paget - UK UFO Researcher

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    Peter Paget - UK UFO Researcher

    Peter Paget

    This guy is really interesting claims to have connections far up into the secret service and British power structures.
    I have no idea if that is true but it is possible.

    He became interested in UFOs in Warminster and published the Fountain Journal which became the basis for his books

    He is the author of two UFO books, the second is 'UFO-UK' published by New English Library in 1980.

    It is very difficult to get a copy of it. He claims in one of the videos, for what reason he doesn't elaborate, the British secret service bought as many copies as they could and destroyed them.
    Something in the book was too revealing? I've read it and there is a mention to a UFO sightings at Bawdsey Manor which is right next to Rendlesham Forest and has been linked to the event before. Remember this was published one year before the events in the woods there.

    Could be because his noticed how UFO's seem to be interested in all things nuclear p37 'Warrington seems a particularly favoured location for the UFOs. Perhaps an interest in the British Nuclear Fuels plant may be one reason.'

    Was it his mention of this stunning revelation? (p123), Which came via freedom of information that 'Minutemen (nukes) underground missile silos and atom bomb storage compounds in the state of Maine, Michigan and Montana were under the close surveillance bu UFO's' Captain Thomas O'Brien at Malmstrom AFB witnessed craft it all comes from a NORAD file.

    More on this here
    The information on the 1975 and 1976 sightings -- records from the Air Force and the North American Air Defense Command (NORAD) -- was turned over to Ground Saucer Watch (GSW), a Phoenix-based organization that monitors UFO reports.
    Think these are some of the documents here:

    This is clear proof that UFOs were visiting nuke sites in the US and that NORAD was well aware of the fact.

    One final thing it might be is report that Vladimir Grigorievich Azhazha (p155) 'The Soviets maintain that Apollo 13 was carrying a small nuclear explosive designed to provide shock waves for a geological seismic survey...' and that the ill fated mission 'was prematurely aborted while on the way to the moon was instigated by a UFO.' Is it coincidence that the late great Ed Mitchell who flew on Apollo 14 said the UFOs we telling us to stay away from nukes?

    His other book is 'The Welsh Triangle' published by Panther Granada in 1979

    There was a spate of UFO sightings in Wales. Peter claims in one of his talks below that it was the underwater submarine communication technology the US were testing in the area that alerted UFOs. Possibly linked to RAF Brawdy

    One other thing he claims is that he is descended from a famous cavalry officer Henry Paget, who helped win the battle of Waterloo.'s_leg

    All videos are filmed by Miles Johnson and are well worth watching

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    Interesting... I'll be watching some of these.

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    Just finished his first book 'The Welsh Triangle.'
    It based on UFO sightings in the SW corner of Wales around where the Broad Haven School UFO Incident happened 1977.

    There is a good write up about Broad Haven Incident here

    Peter Paget made a fair few trips down there to interview witnesses and became convinced it all had something to do with what the US were doing at RAF Brawdey.
    In the 70's the US Navy moved in extended the runway and claimed to have a top secret submarine monitoring base there.

    Paget believes there must have been more to it than that. The UFOs frequently landed and 7ft ETs in silver suits wandered about doing tests, effecting electronics cars and TVs stopped working some were even permanently damaged.
    He claims the ETs based themselves at the Stack Rocks witnesses saw craft disappear into them.
    Who knows were they are now or what really happened there

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    My father had a lifelong interest in UFOS and growing up I always remember books scattered about the house.

    One Rainy Sunday at the age of 16 (1991) I picked up his copy of 'The Welsh Triangle' and started to read. I was blown away, loved the book and from that point on developed a low level obsession with the subject which continues to this day. I read all of his books and began chasing references via second hand book shops and the local library.

    My Dad passed away last year and so for obvious reasons 'The Welsh Triangle' has a special place in my heart.

    That said, I've never actually seen Peter Paget lecture, so I look forward to watching these videos.
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    US SOSUS station opened at RAF Brawdy in 1974

    It was one of a number of stations that monitored a growing chain of undersea microphones or "hydrophones" that were designed to pinpoint Soviet submarines as they moved out of their home waters into the Atlantic. SOSUS was one part of a three fold effort to track Soviet submarines. The second component was airborne search aircraft, including the RAF's Nimrod MR2 search aircraft. The third and most secret component was an effort to track the communications signals of Soviet strategic submarines when they rose to communicate with Moscow. This latter sigint effort was codenamed "Project Sambo" and involved twenty-two listening station provided by the American and eight provided by various allies. It was one of the highly secret projects reportedly revaled by Geoffrey Prime, who spied for the KGB in the 1970s.

    I think Peter Paget remarked in one of his talks that prehaps SOSUS system also discovered USOs, and certain ETs weren't happy about that.

    According to this poster here the US SOSUS found objects going at '200 and 600 miles an hour' and assumed it was the Russians
    Remember how we had a hard core program for a high speed rocket/torpedo in the late 80s? That project was started in response to all the objects detected by the SOSUS that were moving between 200 and 600 miles an hour. When the Soviet Union collapsed we asked the Soviets to sell us the Topaz reactor, and they did. We asked them for other technology, to include aircraft and weapons systems, and they sold us that too. Then we asked them to sell us their high speed underwater tech, and they said, "We thought that was you." Right after that we dumped the high speed torpedo project because it wasn't needed.(david_g17)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee View Post

    That said, I've never actually seen Peter Paget lecture, so I look forward to watching these videos.
    Awesome he seems like a bit of UK legend

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