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    On JAR Magazine, we published two articles on Hybrids:


    What do you think?
    An opinion should be the result of thought, not a substitute for it.
    - Jef Mallett

    Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.
    - Charles Darwin

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    Very cool and interesting but there is more to the story here though I feel.


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    From what others have experienced ET's can manifest physically. Well that is if our experiences can be trusted. So if that is true this can't be a form of spycraft or a system of manipulating human events. That is already available to them.

    Here is a thought though. I believe our mind is a form of emergent dualism. What that means is that when a soul(awareness, life) and a body interconnect a human consciousness emerges. That consciousness is humanish, it's us through the filter of our body. It's us as a male, it's us as a mother, it's us as a technically minded person etc. Whatever system assigns souls to bodies takes one class of soul and applies it to one class of body. I don't mean that our soul is "human", human is our emergent consciousness. I mean what if the souls that are placed in human bodies have a particular aspect that is different from souls placed in non human bodies. What if there were a way to trick the process of soul assignment. Create an alien body that is just human enough to trick the process of soul assignment and a acquire a soul that is assigned for a human.

    What will be the emergent consciousness of a soul meant for humans with the body of an alien? I don't know. Are they after the emergent consciousness or the factor in the soul? When ET's manifest physically they seem to blend in failry well. In one account one was reading a news paper on a park bench like some old spy movie. It's the hybrids that seem to have a problem getting along. Perhaps because they have conflicting emergent consciousnesses as well as a soul that was not intended for that body. It's eerily similar to Daniel 2:43 "And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay." I get the impression that it is the creation of a certain type of hybrid itself that is the immediate goal, rather than a means to a goal. Or in other words I believe they want to create hybrids for a specific reason of their own, rather than they want to help us and hybrids is conducive to that. It just seems superfluous to that end.
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    Garuda. I finally got to read the second article. I found your observation that they are breeding us with the most servile of their kind particularly brilliant.

    The nursery situation where there are all these deformed lives watched over by uncaring ETs reminded me of the nazi experiments with children. They had babies in a room and provided them with all the health care they needed but the health care providers provided no human contact or love. All of those babies died. Perhaps this is why they re abduct the mothers to interact with them and hold them. It's interesting that they don't "care" about their hybrids beyond the fact that they remain alive and remain useful to their purposes.

    Additionally, and in concordance with one of your speculations, the aliens are careful to prevent from losing control of their hybrid. As in the case of Helen's Hybrid, where the hybrid began experiencing just enough emotion that she might start taking the human side of things.

    Some of the things I wonder about in the ET explanations for Hybrid is the effort put into it. In the case that they are doing this for our benefit, they are introducing a huge amount of suffering into their offspring just to save "us". Even we are on the cusp to changing our own DNA while alive through viruses. Surely, they, with all their technology and "spirituality" can change our DNA without introducing the amount of suffering we see in that nursery. It seems that they are putting in far more effort than would be necessary to accomplish their stated goals. Somehow their effort levels needs to match their explanation. Perhaps they are following some cosmic law not to manipulate DNA, to which mating is a loop hole. While that would explain the unusual amount of effort they are putting into this it's not a very satisfying answer.

    I think the issue of hybridization is the most important question in the ET realm, not where they came from, or who they are but what are they doing. Jacobs believes they have "produced hundreds of thousands, if not millions" of these hybrids. It is a huge deal. You drew together two important aspects of that.

    1) We are merging with a servile being
    2) The products of that merger are allowed, and encouraged to develop emotionally to the point that they blend in, but are denied the opportunity to develop beyond a point that would make them less servile via their emotional self.

    One thing is for sure, nothing good will come of this scenario.

    In the case of hybrids with more human like characteristics their offspring are "mighty men" known for heroism like Gilgamesh and Cú Chulainn. History shows them as tormentors, prolific lovers, mighty warriors, and rulers of men. Despite these ET's claims that the hybrids are here to help us the hybrids of these in the past have not been credited with much salvation for men. There are cases of them helping us though, depending on what you believe. For example according to Josephus, King David was supported by some of these hybrids, though I believe they were decedents of hybrids rather than original hybrids. These it seem are meant to rule us, where as the others are meant to enslave us. Like two different forms of government.

    I haven't been here long enough to know who everyone is so this is the first time I have heard or visited that site. What an important site! This is something I have been deeply interested in, so I'm adding it to my research list.

    I see you have taken a course in regression therapy. Do you know of any way to recover lost memories oneself without contaminating them? I have a feeling I have something locked away in my head but I am afraid of hypnotism and if someone doesn't know what they are doing the will contaminate the memories or cause me to confabulate.
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    Thanks, but I only wrote the introduction. That observation wasn't mine, but Tom Minderle's.

    Re regression: Marcia Moore in Hypersentience describes her regression technique, which can actually be done as a meditation where you take the witness / observer position.
    You either learn the pattern or record the intro and then let things unfold.
    But you may want to experiment with pleasant childhood memories first, etc. before you move on to the deeper / darker stuff.
    An opinion should be the result of thought, not a substitute for it.
    - Jef Mallett

    Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.
    - Charles Darwin

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    Quite disturbing. My mind is awash with questions about what it could all mean.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wansen View Post
    Quite disturbing.
    These aliens are sick. They rape us, they force us to rape each other, they take babies out of us, they put babies into us (gestational units) and they kid nap the children we have there. When we don't comply they threaten us, and then when it's all over they thank us for all our "help". It's hard not to want to climb into one of their rapecrafts and start smashing things and beating people up. This universe is huge, and out of all the possibilities our planet gets the serial rapist species, the creepy uncle of the universe.
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    Here is a thought for the discussion. According to Jacobs it can take up to 5 or more generations of hybrids to create a hubrid. So what that means is first they take a human egg, inject their dna into it then the child grows up. Then they take the dna from that child and mix it with a human egg, and let it grow up. The process is repeated until natural procreation can occur between humans and hybrids. Natural procreation then occurs until a hubrid is made.

    So here's the rub. If you are trying to save your species how does diluting your dna 5x over do that? Not only are you losing your phenotypal DNA, you are losing your culture, your nature of being, and who you are as a species. How can they save themselves in any sense by turning into 1/5 of who and what they were? It is more reasonable to think they are changing us by 1/5 rather than saving themselves by losing 4/5s of everything that makes them who they are. The mereology of species is different than that of objects. You can cut a board in half and have two boards, you can take a person after brain damage and it's still a whole person, but take a species and change it past a certain point and it's a different species.

    So it's very unlikely they are saving themselves, so lets look at the hypothesis that they want to save us. According to them, they have to save us by injecting their dna into us. However to accomplish this goal they need a world wide abduction campaign, massive secrecy, massive mental surveillance, a massive amount of medical facilities and staff, an enormous breeding campaign that covers 5 or more generations along with native child care staff as well as frequent reabductions for human care and finally a monitoring campaign to secure and implant the resulting hubrid product. What could possibly be so insufficient in our dna as to require all of this effort to "save us"? The only thing in our DNA that is a direct threat to our own existence and this planet is our intelligence. And despite what I see on the news everyday it doesn't appear that we are losing intelligence, just wisdom.

    So we have evidence of a brobdingnagian amount of effort taking place, it seems far more reasonable that they are altering us rather than altering themselves, and we know there is no insufficiency in our dna that requires a seemingly random 1/5 of their dna to overcome. For some reason they need our DNA to change and they will go through any effort to accomplish that goal. I only have speculations as to what their goal is, but I think these aliens are lying on both accounts when they try to explain why they are making babies with us. These beings have always remained secretive and tight lipped, however now their actions are exposed all over the internet and published works. I think what they are doing now is feeding us explanations that we will find satisfactory, explanations that we will repeat so that we remain cooperative in their campaign.
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    Two more articles were added on the topic of hybrids, after readers sent in their observations:


    An opinion should be the result of thought, not a substitute for it.
    - Jef Mallett

    Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.
    - Charles Darwin

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    Wow Garuda, I really like this second article "The ufo kids: the myth and the reality.

    It's something I have been thinking about a lot. There is something just not right about the whole nature of ufos and abductions. They don't seem to have a concrete nature, rather their nature seems to rise up to meet our prior beliefs and expectations. Almost like a partial mental construct initiated by an outside source. When we expected air ships they were air ships, when we expected blimps they were blimps when we expected saucers (even though he saw a boomerang) we saw saucers. When we expected fairies they were fairies, when we expected them to be from Venus they were, then from mars, then further out to every possible location, time and parallel universe. There is certainly something just "not right" about the experience.

    I have been thinking about two particular aspect of abductions a lot one of which is proof positive that our experience is real, but allegorical or "not literal". The first is that an abductee will travel through a window like a ghost. They can also travel though a wall or ceiling but they often float through windows. For the intent of moving someone outside of a room there is no difference between a closed window and a wall. The only difference between a window and a wall is in our mind. That is that a window is optionally permeable whereas a wall is not. But the window wasn't open so why do they go through the effort for some people to take us through windows rather than that which is more expedient, like the ceiling. Where ever this sort of thing takes place, and something is happening, our own minds form some part of this reality construct.

    The other aspect of abductions I have been thinking about is the fact that we are naked during the abduction. Well, rather that we are not ashamed while naked. We would never play with kids while naked in real life, that is wrong, but these abductees are teaching class and playing on the playground with kids while naked. Though the kids are clothed. When we experience these abductions we are missing a part of ourselves. We are missing what ever part of ourselves tells us that being naked in front of strangers is wrong. So we are not 100% mentally intact during these instances, in fact we are less intact than when we are dreaming because even in our dreams we are ashamed of our nakedness. Whats even more disturbing is that this shame over our nakedness began a long time ago with some strange event with a "tree of the knowledge of good and evil". Whatever that tree, or whatever it was, did to us, we are lacking that thing in these experiences. But even with that aside we are not 100% intact during these instances and that alone is a cause for concern and explanation.

    The author also talked a lot about our psychology changing as our DNA changed. Through the 60's on to the "Me" generation. If we parallel this with the allegorical experiences of abductees we see a mixing of them and us. Where "them" is a being that barely has feelings to us a being filled with emotions. They don't know love or laughter but we do. They are taught to understand emotions but discouraged from feeling emotions. So a mixture of them and us produces a more cold version of us. This is something I am expecting to happen, because I have been told that at some point in this world "the love of many will grow cold". I am expecting this psychological change to occur in mankind and it's happening. I am expecting this war between two seeds and it's playing out. It is very concerning and dire.

    There is one other aspect that I should mention regarding this allegory, and it goes toward that JAR article on the Czech encounter. What she saw was nonsensical, abstract, absurd even, but I believe it happened and was initiated by another being. However I believe what she saw was as second illusion. We each have a protector that stays with us. There are several occasions of demons impersonating other things but there is always one aspect that is off. A large finger, a crooked finger, an odd face, a weird hair etc. In fact during one exorcism, under compulsion, a demon mentioned that one of these oddities of his visual appearance was caused by the protector trying to warn the person of what he was dealing with. So we may have two allegories at play here, one small allegory as a warning from our protector (perhaps the appearance of the creatures in the abductions)about the nature of the experience, and the other coming straight from the beings themselves.

    John Mack said something pretty profound before he died but I don't think he quite understood the implications. the purpose is "to invite, to remind, to permeate our culture from the bottom up as well as the top down, and to open our consciousness in a way that avoids a conclusion that is different from the ways we traditionally require." Put a different way these things are avoiding a rational understanding of themselves so that we must reach toward them in a more spiritual and abstract way to acquire an understanding of them and a relationship with them. In a way opening ourselves up to them psychologically and spiritually. I often wonder if this provides them with some permission against us that they would not otherwise have. Many of the "waking" alien experiences, where a person can communicate with an alien invisibly right in front of others, even matches what we knew in the past as "familiar spirits". Something is definitely going on, and it's far more complex than what an understanding of "aliens form another planet" can account for.
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