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Thread: William Mills Tompkins Nordics TRW and Douglas Aircraft

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    Tompkins certainly doesn’t mince his words.

    If he’s correct, the implications are staggering.

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    Volume 2 is out not sure I cab believe it is as good as any of the reviews....

    Selected by Extraterrestrials Volume 2: My life in the top secret world of UFOs, Think Tanks and Nordic secretaries

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    Looks as though the Masters of the Universe are pulling the strings immediately .

    That link just gives me the usual Drivel nonsense excuse . " Sorry folks , that content is at odds with our narrative and later our Fuct checkers will provide you with some garbage that explains why the price of rice in China is no longer nice . Do not under any circumstances think of a further useful life if you disagree or even think that you might . Here to help , as ever ."

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