This is the only place I thought this may fit so if its in the wrong place please move it. But I would like to ask a few questions here. But lets start by letting me say that we have all read the continuing saga of conspiracy theories on the Kennedy assassination. Who shot, from where, how many shooters etc...But I am currently reading a book that brought up this scenario and this is my questions:

(1). Do you think Kennedy's assassination was partly due to his ambition to expose UFOs to the public?

Now having ask that we all know that Rockefeller imposed institutional reforms that would have made it impossible for any sitting President to reveal full disclosure. Rockefeller managed to completely wrestle executive power of the UFO situation away from the Executive branch.

(2). Is it these institutional reforms by Rockefeller that has kept present and past Presidents since Truman tight lipped about UFOs?

Not looking to debunk any conspiracy theories here just trying to figure out how or why at the time they considered the UFO subject a threat to national security. Apparently Kennedy's thought was that the Russians may get the wrong idea if they see one of these UFOs floating over Moscow or something and think it was the United States.