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Thanks for the video MA-3.

Several years ago I had an occasion to speak directly to a naval man who was working on the 4th floor of the hospital that very day when Forestal allegedly jumped.

(Keep in mind this is here say)

He informed me that just about everyone on the staff new something wasn't right up there.

He also said that Forestal was heavily medicated and could not likely climb over the radiator to go out the widow on his own. I was fortunate to meet this man at a wedding event and we spoke for about 30 to 40 mins about what he remembered (he was about 70 years old or so at the time).
That conversation must have been pivotal I'm sure.

The death of Forestal and the surrounding implications left somewhat of a scar on me, I remember thinking at the time, that the powers in place above the Presidency, had adopted the same evil tactics which we have all seen in Nazi Germany, Stalin's purges and Pol Pot's evil wonderland. Very sad indeed.

What happened that day when Forestal was murdered (allegedly) ripped a tare in our constitution which has not been repaired ever since.