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Thread: Cape Girardeau 1941

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    First segment of Hangar 1 Alien Technology S01E03 features the Cape Girardeau UFO crash

    Mrs Charlette Mann, the granddaughter of a fireman who allegedly saw the crash site, sends the story onto UFO researcher Ray Fowler. who passes the case on to the more experienced Stringfield who includes it in the book below.UFO Crash Retrievals: The Inner Sanctum - Status Report VI by Leonard Stringfield

    Ryan Wood gets in on the action the information checks out with top secret documents he and Robert Wood have in their possession

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    Apoloogies my mistake - Charlette Mann is the granddaughter of Reverend Huffman, not a fireman.

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    Just finished Paul Blake's book 'MO41 - The Bomshell Before Roswell' it is definitely worth a read.
    It could have been half the size, he has blustered it with endless speculation which is really confusing. You are already being given slightly spurious information and then he wildly speculates what might have happened as such and such meeting.
    He has no idea what was said only that they met. Just give us the facts we can speculate ourselves. He was actually much better in the interview.
    The problem with these self published books is they don't have an editor and the clarity that would make this an excellent piece of research is missing.

    He does however bring together a surprising amount of evidence for a crash in Missouri in April 1941 and also his theory that FDR shot himself.
    Leaves me convinced that this was a very real event and started the whole back-engineering program that has been going on in the States ever since.

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