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Thread: The lac Chauvet case revisited by IPACO

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    The lac Chauvet case revisited by IPACO

    Hello dear friends!

    It's been a long time I haven't posted here but we were very busy with my partners since more than two years working on an old French photographic case that I would like to expose you.

    It's about a new and original analysis report that has been added to the IFOCAT Gallery in our IPACO website. This report addresses a very old, well known and controversial set of photographs which constitute the main evidence in "The case of Lac Chauvet".

    Work on this case has involved the whole IPACO team for over a year now. It included close cooperation with a team of very highly experienced investigators, who along with IPACO and in partnership with the Sigma2 Commission of the 3AF Society, conducted an on-site reconstruction of the case in July 2015. The official French GEIPAN was involved as well, by the help of its (now former) director Xavier Passot, taking lots of photos on-site and for the development of the silver films by the CNES photo labo.

    The "Case of Lac Chauvet (1952)" is now in the "IFOCAT" directory and can be read here

    Discuss of the analysis and of the case are welcome!
    IPACO, the new tool for photo and video analysis is now on-line!

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    We can start with the obvious observations.

    It appears to be circular.

    The reflection from the edge seems to indicate some thickness/depth.

    The very dark black shadow on the bottom is difficult to discern.

    The uniform granularity of the object vs the background seems to indicate the object was present, and not added to the photograph later.

    The object appears to be in the air, possibly hovering, as no motion blur is detectable to me.

    The lack of any corresponding objects makes scale difficult to judge.

    Just my first impressions.
    Now I'll go read your reports.

    Thanks for sharing 11A. Nice to see you again.

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    Hi 11A,

    Good to see you around again.

    Tremendous job all of you have done there!

    I'm not going to post any spoilers, but for those who want to find out fast: go to page 65 of the PDF.
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    Extremely detailed analysis at that link.

    @ 11A,

    Thanks for posting, much to read there.

    Edit to calm waters lol.
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    Absolutely outstanding analysis, 11A! Thanks for posting here and hats off to all involved.

    The attention to detail and strict adherence to scientific principles is second to none. One of the best and most comprehensive UFO image analysis reports I have ever read. It's always good to solve a mystery, even if the answer is not what some may have hoped for.
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    Thanks for posting images.

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