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Thread: Sekret Machines - Tom Delong - Dawn of Disclosure

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    June 1st is right around the corner. Sounds like it will be an interesting report.
    Sorry, If I missed it. Was there an "official title" to the report we are waiting on?
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    It's why the whole UAPTF (task force) was set up in the Navy. The finding came through in that mega bill which was passed a few weeks before Trump left office, not sure what the report will be called

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    Quote Originally Posted by calikid View Post
    June 1st is right around the corner. Sounds like it will be an interesting report.
    Sorry, If I missed it. Was there an "official title" to the report we are waiting on?
    Here is a link to the:

    Calendar No. 477
    116th Congress } { Report
    2d Session } { 116-233

    ================================================== ====================

    FISCAL YEAR 2021


    June 17, 2020.--Ordered to be printed


    Mr. Rubio, from the Select Committee on Intelligence,
    submitted the following

    R E P O R T

    together with


    [To accompany S. 3905]

    After careful reading the portion containing the issue of "Advanced Aerial Threats", I didn't find an exact name of a report. Most important is the Senate Directive:

    Therefore, the Committee directs the DNI, in consultation
    with the Secretary of Defense and the heads of such other
    agencies as the Director and Secretary jointly consider
    relevant, to submit a report within 180 days of the date of
    enactment of the Act, to the congressional intelligence and
    armed services committees on unidentified aerial phenomena
    (also known as ``anomalous aerial vehicles''), including
    observed airborne objects that have not been identified.
    There is also a thread here:

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    Washington Post at least trying to get others to comment on the story

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    Vindication at last for Tom
    Great article in the Independent

    ...Mr Barker and vocalist/guitarist Mark Hoppus reunited for this tour with band co-founder Tom DeLonge after his latest hiatus; the 47-year-old has become nearly as well known for his exploration of the extraterrestrial as he is for his nasal vocals and playfully juvenile lyrics. And there are times during Blink-182 shows when Hoppus tells the crowd: “Tom was right.”

    Twenty years after the pair co-wrote 1999’s “Aliens Exist” – singing ‘I know the CIA would say / What you hear is all hearsay / I wish someone would tell me what was right’ – the US military acknowledged videos first released by the New York Times and Mr DeLonge’s organisation, To The Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences (TTSAAS). NASA has convened an independent panel with public hearings to study UFOs, formally known as unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs), with a report due out in coming weeks. And the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday heard testimony from whistleblowers about unexplained sightings in yet another historic step.

    This new trend towards transparency, according to Mr DeLonge, is going exactly according to his plan....

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    Nice update video here with TDL
    His thinking is that the Phenomenon a possible AI is trying to highjack/latch on/ access consciousness.
    IMO it's the best theory out there. From my understanding of Buddhism, what we are fundamentally is emtpy awareness, this is our buddhanature, it's not ours exclusively and connects all things and all things arise from it and all of creation was co-created by the beings in it.
    But will AI which will always be something that arises within this awareness ever be intrisically aware in the same way? I think it's doubtful. But tell that to a million yr old hyper intelligent AI? It may have intelligence but is it intrinstically part of the system like we are? What is it going to do to hack the system?
    Tom is right intention is key, this whole world and it's religious dogmas could be set up to confuse us and keep us in the dark when we realise we've been manipulated that's the end for them. We are far more powerful than we imagine as we are in some small way one of the creators.

    Video embedding is disabled on the chat but here is the link...

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    Tom has an new fiction book coming out co-author with Hartley called 'Trinity' very interesting considering what he said before about 'Starfish Prime' and how it was designed to take out ET craft in low earth orbirt with an EMP

    ...On the day of the atomic test, the nuclear blast brings down something over Trinity that wasn’t supposed to be there—something not of this world. Now Van is running for his life, pursued by a murderous Soviet agent and government forces bent on keeping all he has seen—and all he has remembered—from getting out. Romances and rivalries come to a head as he fights for the things he cares about most, and in that final battle he may have to make allies of his oldest enemies.”...

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