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Thread: Hello all!

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    Hello all!

    My name is Darrin, and I currently live in Virginia, USA. I am retired military, and consider myself educated and well-read (although you may feel otherwise after awhile). I have had a long fascination with all things paranormal, but 'flying saucers' are most alluring and intriguing to me. Growing up in darker, isolated regions of Texas, I became intrigued by them in the 70s by watching shows such as 'In Search Of.' I have since read hundreds of books and watched many shows on the subject. And although I spent 23 years in the US Air Force, I'm sorry to disappoint; I've not seen a flying disk or spoken to any little green men. I have been around some really cool projects, but as you can imagine, none of them are something about which I can talk, and even if I could, they're old news by now and would probably be pretty mundane to you. Still, I am quite fascinated by the subject.

    Although, I've never personally seen a UFO (an object that I couldn't rationally explain) myself, much to my disappointment, my parents related to me a story of an incident they had while I was stationed with the Air Force in Italy in 1997:

    They were living in a farm house in East Texas when my mom went to wash dishes at around 9 p.m. While doing so, she noticed a bright light in the field behind the farm that was hovering (approximately 75-100 meters above the trees, approximately 300 - 400 meters away. She said she first dismissed it as a helicopter, until it slow drifted closer to the house and she realized the light was not accompanied by the sounds typically associated with a helicopter. She then motioned for my father, who was still sitting in the next room; though he too immediately dismissed it as a helicopter and did not move. Noticeably, their three dogs had disappeared into the master bedroom, where they stayed until the following morning. My mom became more insistent that my dad should come see the light as the object began to slowly move closer to the house. Her insistent tone finally caused my dad to get out of the chair and come to see what she was talking about. By this time, the two of them began to hear a constant, humming 'low bass note' that seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere at the same time. My father looked out the window at the blaring bright blue light, which was now, by his estimation, not more than 50 meters away and just above a power transformer at the rear end of their property. He admitted that it actually scared him.

    And I want to emphasize the poignancy: My father was career US Army and had been decorated for fighting at the Chosen Reservoir in Korea, which was a particularly bloody battle, and he was not the type to be rattled by a simple light in the sky. He was always calm, cool and rational; and I never knew him to lie or give in to fantasy. Honesty was a defining trait for him (he died in 2001). Anyway, my mother described the look on his face as almost panic as he was looking out the window at the object, which made her more scared. The hum continued for approximately 30 seconds after my father entered the kitchen. The humming suddenly ceased and the object shot skyward at a speed that put it out of sight within 3-5 seconds. They didn't hear any other sounds associated with the object's sudden departure.

    They first told me the story after I came home on military leave, which would have been in February, 1997. I did my due diligence and walked to the area near where they had first seen the object, and asked them so many questions that my father began to become irritated after a bit. I wasn't so much trying to investigate as much as simply trying to find a rational answer where they could not. I never did come to any other conclusion but that they had encountered something very unusual. My mother did note that my father slept with a gun by the bed for weeks following the incident. I always wondered what he thought he was going to do with that should an extra-terrestrial appear by his bedside.

    I am able to describe the incident because I must have asked them to tell me the details at least a couple of dozen times. I still ask my mom about it now and again. It honestly intrigues me. Like many people, they never reported it for fear that they'd be ridiculed. In fact, I've never related the story to anyone else myself until now. You're hearing it second-person, so take it for what it's worth.

    Anyway, that story was for your edification. I am actually an experienced ghost hunter with years under my belt in that area. I don't hunt with others because they tend to be an odd lot of faker, liars and oddballs, and they get irritated at me because I'm far too logical and scientific for their taste. I occasionally hunted with another military retiree like me, but he has become weak in his old age and can't venture out as much. After twenty five years of hunting, I've never seen a ghost either (Again, bummer). However, I have witnessed some really odd things that have no rational explanation that I could find. Do I believe in ghosts? I don't know about that, but I've had some moments where I was definitely 'spooked.' Who is to say? I'm just curious about the unexplained.

    OK, that's enough. Sorry to overrun you with all of this detail on a 'welcome' thread. It just came out. Anyway, I'm excited to be here and look forward to reading your thoughts and experiences. Cheers!
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    Hi Darrin / Nero,

    Welcome aboard!

    Thanks for sharing that story of your parents' encounter, and for telling is about your ghost hunting experience.

    We have a discussion board here on the forum, called 'The Other Side' where you can tell us more about that, too, if you'd like.
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    Greetings Nero...

    Thanks for sharing....

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    Hello Nero. Welcome to The Outpost Forum.
    Disclosure begins at home so start a conversation about UFOs.
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    Thank you all. I feel welcome.

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