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Thread: Wiki leaks Podesta / Tom de Longe

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    Wiki leaks Podesta / Tom de Longe

    This is getting better and better
    Even mention a general by name McCasland!

    The former lead singer of the band Blink 182 was in recent contact with Hillary Clinton‘s campaign chairman John Podesta about UFOs, newly disclosed emails show.
    Tom DeLonge, who was the guitarist for the power punk trio best known for songs like “Dammit” and “What’s My Age Again,” emailed Mr. Podesta at least twice. He wrote in cryptic terms about their well-documented mutual interest in more government disclosure about the phenomenon of unidentified flying objects of potential extraterrestrial origin.
    The emails, released by the website Wikileaks this month, also reveal that Mr. Podesta participated in a documentary that Mr. DeLonge is producing.
    It isn’t clear whether Mr. Podesta responded to the messages.
    Mr. Podesta, who has worked in the highest levels of government in the administrations of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, has expressed interested in the topic. And he has long championed further government disclosure around classified files concerning UFOs.
    In one of the emails from 2015, Mr. DeLonge says he would to introduce Mr. Podesta to two very important people involved in issues “relating to our sensitive topic.”
    “I think you will find them very interesting, as they were principal leadership relating to our sensitive topic. Both were in charge of most fragile divisions, as it relates to Classified Science and DOD topics. Other words, these are A-Level officials. Worth our time, and as well the investment to bring all the way out to you,” Mr. DeLonge writes.
    In another email from 2016, Mr. DeLonge writes that he has been working with a former military official.
    “He just has to say that out loud, but he is very, very aware- as he was in charge of all of the stuff. When Roswell crashed, they shipped it to the laboratory at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. General McCasland was in charge of that exact laboratory up to a couple years ago,” Mr. DeLonge wrote, referring to the Roswell conspiracy theory that the U.S. government recovered an alien vessel in 1947. The military maintains that the crash at Roswell was a surveillance balloon....
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    Hmmmm, I bet Tom is in trouble with his contacts today. General McCasland would indeed be a very well placed source. -
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    You beat me too it Lee

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    If this is Tom de Longe's contact hats off to him.
    People are suggesting that Russia maybe behind this as a way of influencing the election.

    I also seem to remember Tom mentioning that Podesta was going to appear in one of his upcoming documentaries

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    Nothing on his facebook page yet or his website

    Hitting all the broadsheets over here which is excellent news

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    He and aj Hartley met Podesta
    There was a photo here on his facebook page

    Can't get to it anymore ?
    Anyone clever enough to download it?

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    Well, you got that just in time.... not available now.
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