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Thread: Wiki leaks Podesta / Tom de Longe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Longeyes View Post
    Points of interest quoted from George’s interview
    ‘I think at its height the study; here in Nevada had 46 full time investigators.‘

    ‘You know three days after the Delonge announcement event back in October; he (DeLonge) brought Luis Elizondo to Las Vegas to meet with Bob Bigelow. I was invited to join them for dinner.
    I don’t remember what we ate, but I will always remember that conversation, of some of the things I was told and shown that night, I mean Holy Moly, and I’m not going to get into it except to say that Luis Elizondo had written a letter to his boss, Secretary of Defense James Mattis, in which he explains he is resigning because he wanted, this needs to be taken seriously, he wants to study it.
    I think I’ll probably write my own stories on this stuff pretty soon, injecting some details about how the Pentagon study intersected with Skinwalker Ranch in Utah, a topic of some interest here.
    March 10, 2022

    Pentagon's UFO files include encounter with 'werewolf'

    A number of unexplained sightings and experiences have been revealed through interviews with former officials.

    For many years, the Pentagon, in connection with the Defense Intelligence Agency, ran a secretive program investigating the connection between UFOs (or UAPs) and paranormal phenomena.

    During interviews with, retired DIA intelligence officer James Lacatski and retired CIA operations officer Jim Semivan - who both worked on the secret program - have lifted the lid on some of the strange cases that were investigated during that time.

    These investigations included that of the USS Nimitz UAP sightings, as well as that of Skinwalker ranch - a property in Utah notorious for being home to a plethora of strange phenomena.

    According to Lacatski and Semivan, the three men who were sent to investigate the ranch were left terrified after they witnessed what was described as a "black void" on the property.

    Even more unnerving was the fact that they also reported experiencing paranormal phenomena after returning to their homes, such as strange noises and sightings of dark figures at night.

    In a separate incident, the family of the investigator who had been looking into the USS Nimitz case reported witnessing a wolf-like creature (which walked on two hind legs) staring in through the windows of their home on two occasions.

    When asked about them, however, the Pentagon was unable to confirm or deny that any of these investigations and encounters took place.

    In Oregon, a man said his health deteriorated after a glowing blue orb passed through his body. A family in California reported strange lights and a gray figure with spindly legs in their orchard. A werewolf-like creature allegedly prowled around homes in suburban Virginia.

    All three incidents were probed as part of a secret Pentagon program investigating UFOs. The program, contracted by the Defense Intelligence Agency, plumbed the connection between the flying objects and the paranormal for two years, according to the men who ran it.

    More at link:

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    Latest developments

    TTSA is now more simply TTS To The Stars Media

    Apparently at the shareholders meeting a new director was elected - producer, Stan Spry who has worked on many films and tv shows.
    The first movie picture directed by Tom will be out before the end of the year. The Creda with the US Army is still in effect and although been on hold throughout the pandemic, is going to start up again.
    Many films and series in the pipe line plus they are starting up TTS talks with insiders who are helping them - the first on was released yesterday.

    Maybe Sekret Machines Vol 3 War is on it's way? I hope so

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    This trailer has just been released for Monsters of California, Tom De Longe's debut as a director.
    Hope the film better than this promo
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    Not a bad interview with TDL with Jackass legend Stevo
    Can safely skip the first 15mins
    The stuff about Italian intelligence and UFOs off the coast of Sicily is very interesting
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    New Trailer is out for Monsters of California and it looks pretty good.

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    Don't know if anyone else watched Monsters of California yet ? But it was pretty average. The dialogue was pretty lame, the characters uninteresting and although I support his efforts to get 'the truth' out there this was a poor attempt - there's got to be a more elegant way of doing it. For a first film maker is was ok, but I don't understand when previously he's been wise enough to get experts to write his books, ie Levanda and Hartley and comic books, he didn't chose a decent director/writer to work on a film script. The reveals were clumsy and
    What has been more interesting than the plot were the hidden 'easter eggs' UFOtwitter legend Klaus has been getting into them.
    One of them was the Giant Pyramid Buried under Alaska, the movie gives some coorodinates, 67°17'00.4"N 152°31'00.1"W as someone pointed out on Reddit the surrounding area is blurred out on google maps, very odd.

    Tom talked about in this interview

    This Interviewer: Tell me something crazy? …
    TDL: There's a pyramid and it's underground and they've been studying it for decades
    INT: what
    TDL: Yeah it's bigger than Giza it's um…it's not that far from Valdez I believe, um I would have to check on where it's at but apparently yeah… and I know a very important person that uh.. from the Pentagon that met with one of the lead Defense Contractors that were studying it and they told them they said “we think we finally know what it's doing it's all turned on we think it's suppressing consciousness”
    That's what he said
    INT: what the hell
    TDL: F*%^ing wild! I know wild right?
    INT: Dude, was this did they discover this well of course they did probably after that giant earthquake that basically like Valdez had to like shift back like two miles, like they had to rebuild the city…
    TDL: No, no, there was there was the legend is that there was an earthquake of sorts and all the seismographs picked up the waves that come you know all the way through everything; and they saw this whole anomaly - like as the… as the those shock waves went through the land there was some kind of structure, or something that perturbed, you know, on the receiving end of these waves on…uh and so they dug some tunnels elevator shafts, made a little strip there to land and they've been underground studying it forever.
    So that's how the legend is then the…the news did a little piece on it and then all sudden all that disappeared the people the stations the guys came in and said ‘Never air this again!” kind of thing so um.
    But on the deathbed of a couple people that were out there um they said that they were very aware of that. I think in the beginning I if I remember correctly? Again it was like someone that worked for like Bell Labs or like… F£$%who was it? It was some maybe it was more what the precursor to AT&T, or something like that like. I can't remember all the other... I don't want to get it all too f£$%ked up, people kind of hang on my words when I talk about like this [Yep there are ], but so the only thing I want to say is um yes there is a pyramid and we've been studying it and I pretty much have said all I know about it.

    The story first uncovered by Linda Moulton Howe in 2012.
    There's load on her site about it but behind the paywall.

    From her YT channel

    Klaus is doing a couple of podcasts on it. He and Garrret are very knowledgable and do a bit of digging, who knows it's a wild story.
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    Klaus article related to the pyramid

    And this is a link to the Ingo Swann remote viewing of the Cheops pyramid, starts on p 34, which Klaus talks about in his podcast.

    Would highly recommend ready this - there's something to it esp the very last section... p83-91 the group remote viewing

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