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    Hello everyone!

    Hello everyone on The Outpost Forum.

    My name is Malcolm and I will be 60 this coming February. I presently live with my wife in Malibu California and have done so for the past 35 years. I was born and brought up in London England and now consider myself a red white and blue American.

    I was attracted to the forum a few months back due to the many sub forums that seem to focus on photographic imaging among other sub topics, but imaging and photographic analysis in particular "spins my carrot" as they say and I'm glad I joined a great bunch of like minded people!!

    As an architect by profession focusing on interior design, I work primarily with perspective conceptualization. And after 30 years of visualizing dimensional design in 3D, you develop a kind of skill set of "seeing" shape and form both in 2D as well as "additional dimensions" mentally.

    My love for the past 4 years has been the analysis of the surface of Mars and the discovery of life there both present and past especially in the super high definition images brought back to us by the MRO stereo camera and the Mars Express stereo images.

    After examining many hundreds of these documented images especially in 3D, I have now concluded without a shadow of a doubt, that not only has life once flourished there, but also concluded, there is a large and thriving alien society (possibly several) very different from us, residing on and below the surface!

    I hope to share these images which I have worked on tirelessly for thousands of hours with you all, but a word of advice, these are my interpretations of what I see of a very strange albeit beautiful life form in existence there. For you to draw the same or even similar conclusions as I have, one should not expect to see an immediate recognizable object that will prove to you what you may hope to expect.

    The results took time of high magnification in clipping massive image files which, if you have worked with image files each in the range of 1 to 2 gigabytes of data, they are not the easiest to handle even with the best of software applications!

    The results came as a shock which took several months to digest and to accept. Nonetheless, many images show a deep connection to humanity here on Earth and sometimes, in a truly bizarre form which I would never have expected to digest, not in a million years! In looking back now, I can honestly ask myself with conviction;

    "should I ever have expected to see extra terrestrial life which....I expected to see"?

    After all, if a conclusion is drawn that an anomalous pattern of data points, is indeed artificially created or, in other words "has intelligent design embedded in the pattern" then, no matter how strange, how bizarre or unexpected that pattern to be, it is by definition "an extra terrestrial creation". Just because, it makes no sense...does not....not make it so.

    The one thing which I have learned in my research is that, "it takes intelligence to recognize intelligent design". (and I don't mean "high intelligence")

    Anyway, please feel free to comment on the evidence I post, the way you see fit. You can agree or disagree, I don't mind what you have say of course, within reason lol.

    There's one exception though. One unsavory reality came to my attention as I began to discuss the evidence both in forums and academia. That is the subject of a so-named fallacy, commonly known as "Pareidolia". I received a great education on this subject and in summary, I found out that TPTB have gone to great lengths to submerge "thinking people" in the murky waters of "dis and mis-infomation". The subject of independent research into off world photographic evidence was and still is a potential ticking time bomb with bigger "teeth" than any image of a flying saucer and alike, simply because the evidence is provided "swift time" for download from the authority of NASA. The laws driven by FOIA dictate speed of publication. As a result, they know they can't catch everything. So they blur, turn, convert as best they can but if and when.....

    This presents a problem for "The Secret Keepers" as Jim Marrs likes to call them. So in response to any potential discoveries found embedded in the raw data image files of a possible "alien anything", it was decided to flood the research community with the fallacy known as Pareidolia, which basically promotes the following in a simplified way:

    "What you are seeing on the's not really there....No, it's all in your MIND"....oooooh! It's called Pareidoliaaaaaah!

    So, if you subscribe to this "by product" in the category of "ball lightning or swamp gas etc etc" and have nothing further to comment, then I will wish you luck and in the words of a much beloved Irish comedian now departed; "and may your God be with you".

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