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Steven Greer is wholly responsible for my initial belief and warrant to investigate whether UFO's exist. His disclosure project has had more impact on changing peoples beliefs than anyone else out there. But I think he is also dangerous in his view of all aliens being good. His reasoning is specious. He said he can't prove a negative in the video but you can prove a negative, for example there are no numbers in this post. He says if they were bad they would have used their superior technology to destroy us for shooting down their ships and yet their ships were shot down despite their superior technology. Not to mention if they want the planet they won't destroy it. There are any number of explanations that defy his logic. We also know how bad these abductions are, people are raped, forced to rape others, have their children taken away forced to endure painful surgeries that even our modern hospitals can do with less pain.

I think what made his project so successful is also what makes it so potentially dangerous. His information comes only from government leakers and seems to exclude historical accounts, research like Dr Jacobs, ontological research from Jacques Vallee and personal testimony of abductees. This alien thing is a jigsaw puzzle with pieces mixed from several boxes, being so limited in scope can be very dangerous

Halfway through it.
Again Sansanoy, I think we agree on many points.
I felt early on the Disclosure Project Phase 1 was on track.
Emphasis on declassifing Government documents/knowledge of UFOs and their technology for the betterment of mankind.
After all the witness testimony and press conference, nothing happened.
Congress ignored him, and no public outcry caused the MIC to open files.
(I was on board with Phase 1.)

Phase 2
IMHO Dr Greer had hit a glass ceiling and risked stagnation, or had to reinvent goals. Enter CE5.
Not the direction i would have taken, but maybe preferably compared to inaction.
From outward appearance seems Dr Greer has given up on Government disclosure and has moved on to attempting to convince ET to communicate Disclosure directly to the ppl.
(He lost me with Phase 2. I have my doubts, but still wish him well.)