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Thread: Dr Greer 'Cosmic False Flag in the works'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sansanoy View Post
    Steven Greer is wholly responsible for my initial belief and warrant to investigate whether UFO's exist. His disclosure project has had more impact on changing peoples beliefs than anyone else out there. But I think he is also dangerous in his view of all aliens being good. His reasoning is specious. He said he can't prove a negative in the video but you can prove a negative, for example there are no numbers in this post. He says if they were bad they would have used their superior technology to destroy us for shooting down their ships and yet their ships were shot down despite their superior technology. Not to mention if they want the planet they won't destroy it. There are any number of explanations that defy his logic. We also know how bad these abductions are, people are raped, forced to rape others, have their children taken away forced to endure painful surgeries that even our modern hospitals can do with less pain.

    I think what made his project so successful is also what makes it so potentially dangerous. His information comes only from government leakers and seems to exclude historical accounts, research like Dr Jacobs, ontological research from Jacques Vallee and personal testimony of abductees. This alien thing is a jigsaw puzzle with pieces mixed from several boxes, being so limited in scope can be very dangerous

    Halfway through it.
    Again Sansanoy, I think we agree on many points.
    I felt early on the Disclosure Project Phase 1 was on track.
    Emphasis on declassifing Government documents/knowledge of UFOs and their technology for the betterment of mankind.
    After all the witness testimony and press conference, nothing happened.
    Congress ignored him, and no public outcry caused the MIC to open files.
    (I was on board with Phase 1.)

    Phase 2
    IMHO Dr Greer had hit a glass ceiling and risked stagnation, or had to reinvent goals. Enter CE5.
    Not the direction i would have taken, but maybe preferably compared to inaction.
    From outward appearance seems Dr Greer has given up on Government disclosure and has moved on to attempting to convince ET to communicate Disclosure directly to the ppl.
    (He lost me with Phase 2. I have my doubts, but still wish him well.)
    The aim of an argument or discussion should not be victory, but
    progress. -- Joseph Joubert
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    I'm with you Sansanoy The disclosure project convinced me that UFOs were real.
    But that had many witnesses and this two, actually on tape we will have two his Lt Col and Mrs Rosslyn, dr tellers assistant and his guy in military intelligence.
    For the rest we have to believe Dr Greer. He says at one point that ' people have been developing scalar weapons for 100rs - bull. I need evidence of that.

    The other problem is if they do create an fake Et invasion with holographic technology... Are they going to make the holograms with structures on like TR-3Bs? No, so we won't be able to tell the difference. We just have to believe him and some testimony we won't ever see. It's the perfect catch 22.

    I do agree with him that the vast majority of ETs are friendly for the same reasons he states, we would already be occupied or decimated. But I'm not sure they all are and something very sinister has definitely been going on.
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    He's posted this on the Sirius site

    I don't think it is in anyway as black and white as this.
    Who are these people in charge of everything? Name them ... then we can expose them
    The kind of conspiracy he's talking about means a lot of very rich people making money out of selling weapons, but who are they all?

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    Second half of this was interesting, up until the questions which is about 3hrs in.

    Interesting he directly mentions Corey Goode and Tom De Longe which was were this talk was always heading.
    He knows TDL as he did CE-5 with Dr Greer and he thinks he's being used to spin the whole ET story into a demonic us vs them Cosmic War which very much seems to be where TDLs lastest stuff seems to be pointing.
    He thinks its all a massive con and thinks that TDL stuff being directed at the Youth is particularly worrying. TDL has claimed they are all heroes for facing this massive threat, we only have his words on this.
    Unfortunately Dr Greer has only one new deep insider in Naval intelligence who is willing to appear on film to back up his claims of the holographic weapons and the massive false flag being planned. He says he know a couple of dozen more who are too afraid to appear on camera.

    On Corey Goode, he sympathises with him, but as he knows others who have been in MILABs and because he is convinced they can have programed memories, he has no trust in what Corey is saying. He also seems to know Bill Tomkins from way back.

    But for all this Dr Greer needs more witnesses any out there reading this? It might be a good time to step up if you can.

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    I had to start all over again on the video. Apparently what I was listening to was falsely named but similar. Looks like it's here.

    Although discussion of other planets like ours occurred in mans ancient past there was never a historical account made of alien contact. I suppose that it is our technology that allows us to conceptualize a visitation by beings similar to ourselves. In the past there was no technology in existence to facilitate such a conceptualization. In the past there were only three types of non human beings, earth bound spirits like the Asakku, Utukku, and demons, there were the gods of the golden age that lived physically on earth, and those same gods that lived after the golden age as spirits that dwell in the heavenly realm. So if there is alien disclosure it will be the first disclosure in human history because nothing in our history books suggests we have been visited by creatures using the force of their technology. All our history speaks of beings that defy natural law through a divine nature or magic of will rather than through technological implementation.

    If TDL is right and these are demons then disclosure will be the worst thing that could happen. Demons and even UFO activity follow a pattern of fascination. They increase in situations where fascination increases. There is a separation between this world and the second heaven where fascination and desire act as gateways. Consciousness is the the gateway between the world of physicality and spirit. Actual disclosure would be the ultimate point of fascination. If they are demons they cannot manifest fully on their own to cause mass disclosure, they would need to be bootstrapped in by a voluntary disclosure that leads to mass fascination.

    If Greer is right then a few things could happen. The aliens leave rather than engaging in or suffering violence. The aliens destroy the false invasion as well as the cabal and lead us into cosmic peace. So the only ultimately negative consequence is that the aliens leave and the cabal units the world in global rule.

    What is interesting is that the conclusions of either side lead to global rulership. The tower of Babel event had world wide resonance and finds it's way into the legends of people across the whole world, even all the way to the Americas. It wasn't what you were taught as a child, it was simply a ziggurat called the Temple of the foundation of heaven and earth. And Bab-el means Gate of God. It was built after the golden age in an attempt to recover it. The result of this unification was complete social division among other things. Breaking this division and restoring the old order is the goal of the demonic realm as well as the cabal Greer speaks of.

    It seems like both paths fear the same outcome, a global rulership. Actual disclosure could take us down the same path as the false-flag invasion. What we really need is a disclosure of information. Everyone putting their piece on the table so we can figure out what we are actually dealing with. The pieces need to fit into a coherent picture before we can distinguish between enemy and friend guardian and aggressor. We only get one shot, once the cats out of the bag it's not going back in anytime soon.

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    If it wasn't for Steven Greer, I never would have found the previous forum (which disintegrated around this time 5 years ago) in 2008, when I typed into Google: Steven Greer ******** Artist <Enter>

    One of the top 5 returns showed the old forum, which I surfed over to, read and agreed* with several assessments, then began looking at dozens of other posts.

    So, thank you...Greer - you were good for something at least, 99.9% of the rest of what he says is BS.

    *(added a d to imply past tense)

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    I think after the Disclosure Project's big event at the Press club he went down hill. The CE5 seems to just be a money scam. His free energy work has went no where and sitting in the desert meditating and seeing UFO's just seems a bit far fetched. The little alien was nothing and he just seems to repeat what has already been told. What he charges for the CE5 is nuts. The press club event was great and got a lot interested in UFO's. But nothing has come of it. If somehow first contact were to happen, say a landing and a shake of the hands in front of the world, there goes his bread and butter.. I just don't think he would ever want that to happen, UFO's landing and saying HI.. So many make there living off of this stuff that so many would lose there income.. He would have to go back to being a Doctor, if he could get a job. Sorry to the Greer fans, but he makes a living off of US, those who want to believe. I have seen people come out of the CE5 and say it happened, we seen and made contact. But while meditating, someone guiding you through it can plant things in your mind like Hypnotists. I can be done. You seeing what you want to see or what he wants you to see.

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    Are ETs / EBTs and whomever good, bad, in between, some are and some aren't?

    Good and bad is often a matter of perspective.

    From a fish's perspective, humans are evil. Humans cast lines and nets into the water, catch and eat them.

    The fish comparison only works to a small degree, yet it makes a point. If fish suddenly began communicating with humans, would it alter the catch and eat?

    Have aliens interfered with humanity upon the Earth?

    I believe that is probable, and there is evidence supporting that theory. Depending on who you are asking, some would say it is only circumstantial evidence. The argument goes both ways.


    Answer to that one is complex.

    There is that theory; The "grays" have reached end of their genetic breeding code. They are trying to turn "us" into "them" hoping to save "themselves".

    Another theory, various alien races are hoping and trying to stop humanity upon the Earth from self-destructing.

    Another theory, various alien races are trying to stop the grays from doing what they're doing... The grays interfered to divide humanity, to keep humanity from reaching the stars and ending the experiments...

    Is Greer correct about a "false flag"?

    My opinion: Yes and no...

    Ponder this one... A false flag is created by a secret group of humans, however the grays or another alien race are involved with creating that "false flag". This is done to create issues upon the Earth, no one knows "whom to trust"...

    You happen a murder, you know nothing about the victim or suspects. There are five people standing around the body. A smoking gun is laying next to the body. All five start pointing fingers back and forth at each other. Who do you believe?

    Who's prints are on the gun?

    After the fact, was there a struggle over the weapon between the five people? If so, there is likely more than one set of finger prints on the weapon....

    Was the shooting accidental?

    Was there a motive?

    You need more information, yet each suspect speaks a different language. You are having difficulty understanding them.
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