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Thread: Walking Through The Great Wilderness

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    Good read.

    Ufology Today

    In the past five years, I have identified an array of noteworthy concerns that I believe have derailed the study of Ufology. Regrettably, these problems have ruined the subject, degrading it to a point at which any discussion regarding UFOs is no longer taken seriously by society:

    *There is a lack of investigative data-sharing among UFO groups and investigators.
    *Most UFO conferences are a joke.
    *The Internet has become a focal point at which people create, store, and disseminate thousands of fake UFO photos and videos, conspiracy theories, and hoaxes.

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    Most people serve mammon or anything that is self serving these days these days not a search for truth. Seems to have been a perennial problem thought out time really.

    What do you think ScaRZ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by whoknows View Post
    Most people serve mammon or anything that is self serving these days these days not a search for truth. Seems to have been a perennial problem thought out time really.

    What do you think ScaRZ?
    It takes time in search of truth and I wonder how many of us humans really hunger for something outside of the box we live in. It's the same no matter how far we look back throughout history. We humans suffer from a lack of deep interest and desire quick satisfaction. The final outcome must come quickly or we become bored. The rose takes time to bloom and the final product is well worth the wait isn't it?

    Most certainly mammon is master in most human lives. All we need to do is stop,look,and listen.

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    We had talked about the mark of the beast a while back and I came across some interesting things.

    There are amulets known as magic squares that draw the attention of the planetary bodies, angles or demons they are assigned to. Each heavenly body like the sun, moon and planets has a magical square. The magical square of the sun has a column total of 111 but has 6 columns and gives a total of 666. Within the magic square if one has the name of a being associated with that squares realm one can derive a symbol or a mark from the name using the square using Hebraic Gematria. So you take the name, convert it into the hebrew numbers, find the first number and trace from point to point. This forms a symbol much like you see on the left and right of this amulet.

    It's very interesting because it goes further than just gematria and accounts for there being a mark, a name, and a number as well the command to calculate the number. Gematria alone isn't math, but a magic square is.

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    I posted a quote from Michael Heiser on the thread created by Fore......Alternative Interpretations of Science - Intelligent Design Orientated.....but thought it was best to post the link to the whole Q&A session in this thread. Very good read on several subjects that may or may not have fit into Fore's Thread. I just thought it may be best to post it in this thread. I will only post a small snippet of the Q&R Session in this thread so be sure and click the link to read in full.

    Satan is called “the prince of the power of the air” in Ephesians 2. What do you think that means exactly?

    Michael S. Heiser: On one hand, “air” is part of the vocabulary for the spiritual world—the world which humans do not inhabit, but which divine beings do inhabit. But “air” was also a descriptor for the heavens below the firmament in Israelite cosmology—still distinguishable from God’s abode, which was above the firmament (Isa 40:22; Job 22:13; cp. Gen 1:7 to Psa 29:10). The “air” metaphor allowed people to think of the spiritual world in terms of (a) not being the realm of humans, and (b) still beneath the presence of God, or the place where God lives.

    That meant Satan wasn’t in God’s presence or in control of God’s domain. Angels could be sent into the world to assist humans and would of course be opposed by those spiritual beings in control of earth’s “air space” so to speak. Ultimately, the spiritual world has no measurable parameters, or latitude and longitude (the celestial sphere is no help locating it!). Human writers have to use the language of “place” to describe something place-less (in terms of what we, as embodied beings, can understand). For that reason, it isn’t always a neat picture.

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    Good thread - just saw it with this most recent post............"Walking through the Wilderness"! Probably are many ways to say that for the point - - I might even choose to call it "Walking Through the Great Wonder"! That is really what it is to me! And, the most important parts of this "Wonder" are so simply presented as can be, except for the fact that these minds of the flesh that we have are so subjected to the thoughts and intents of the evil one! God has made a way for all of us, and nothing in that way could be any more simple than John 3:16, which most of us can quote, "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that WHOSOEVER believes in him would not perish but have everlasting life". And that "Him" is Jesus Christ (Yeshua HaMashiach - the Savior of the World)

    Now, the entire account of the whole of God's Word, The Bible, is a detailed account of all that had to happen for God to get his man back, after the disobedience of Adam in the Garden of Eden. God told Adam that he could eat of every tree in the Garden, except for the Tree of Knowledge, and that if he ate of the Tree of Knowledge he would die! (Genesis 2). Adam ate of it, and thus he and all of his descendants died/are destined to die as sinners, including us! One thing about God, he is true to his Word - So.....the reason for the need of man for a Savior!! The "Old Covenant/Testament" is full of prophecy for a Savior/Messiah, and the New Covenant/Testament is full of the revelation and fulfillment of those prophecies. Jesus was born as the Son of God, lived as a sinless man, was crucified without sin, and thus was raised from the dead, that we too can have that same resurrected life!

    One of my concerns on living this Wilderness/Great Wonder is, all of us at times might come to conclusions that seriously complicate our ability to perceive the simplicity of the "Gift" we have been so freely given. Sure, with the minds of the flesh that we have, our understanding is/can be limiting, but as we delve into the details of the Truth, our understanding is expanded. For certain, the Word that we have is translated and written into a book called the Bible. But this is no ordinary book......the words of this book "ARE ALIVE, and they ARE SHARPER THAN A TWO EDGED SWORD". The words are alive, and they will speak to our hearts and minds when we read them in that way. And as we do that, our understanding is greatly increased. There are even scriptures that tell us that God's Word can "confound the wise".
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    Good post rdunk.

    Without the resurrection of Jesus Christ we all die and perish......"There would be no eternal life."
    Over the years some of the teachings of most main stream churches just don't fit into what is written in scripture. They teach either we rise for heaven or rise for ever burning fires of hell for eternity.

    Based on scripture how is it possible to live an eternal life without being a disciple (believer and follower) of Jesus Christ?............"Simple answer,you can't."
    So how can anyone,I mean anyone be alive and have an eternal life burning in the fires of hell?........."You most certainly would not be a disciple of Jesus Christ with eternal life burning in the fires of hell."

    Those without Jesus Christ can't have an eternal life......"Not in the New Jerusalem or The Fires of Hell."
    The second death is what it says........"Second Death." The lake of fire is the second death. The fire will burn and those who's names are not written in the Book of Life will perish in the lake of fire and exist no more.

    The concept of an eternal soul,that humans are inherently immortal, that we won't really die,lines up more with what The Old Serpent told Eve in The Garden of Eden......"Ye shall not surely die."

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    What if I had never touched the keys of the keypad of a computer?

    Would the very soul that I am be different?

    I believe everything and everyone we come in contact with molds us into the souls we are.

    Right this very moment in time that I read many thousands of words written at The Outpost Forum and you read my words our very souls that we are has changed.

    We can never return to the souls we were before we read each others words.

    I believe we humans as well as all creatures are a living soul. I see the spirit as the spark that brings life to the body that becomes a soul.

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    I am constantly reminded that we must be more and more cognizant of the touch we extend.

    It is difficult not to harm even with the best of intentions.

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