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Thread: An Ontological Voyage, With Added Woo Woo !

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    An Ontological Voyage, With Added Woo Woo !

    It’s been a while since I posted about any of this, it’s going to be an exercise of sorts to pull things into a holistic perspective and to put it to bed so I can move on.

    This has been a voyage, a battle & an unfolding, hence the approach, I haven't had an ordinary life with an abduction thrown in, life it's self is it, being incarnated here with the circumstances that came with it, and continue to come with it.

    Part 1, 0 to 13 years, there is a preface to this but it might be better later.

    My family figures large in this story, but I wont be talking about them in any detail for obvious reasons so it does mean things will be missing from the overall picture, but I’ll try to get things across.

    This is something that I believe has been going on since before I was born, I believe my mother was selected for her “fay” abilities by a certain US agency that I know for a fact she had contact with as a teenager, I believe this agency (or parts of it) are involved with what are commonly termed “aliens”.

    I was born in the mid sixties, a first child to an 18 yr old with basic education & a mechanic in a very average suburb of a very average (or not depending on woo woo factor lol) city in England.

    My parents had very little interest in me as a child, I was fed clothed & so on, but there was little interaction & my development suffered, they tried to send me to nursery school but I couldn’t cope with the noise & frenetic activity of the other infants.

    Most of the time I was in a semi trance, like being on a shamanistic trip, connected to nature but everything seemed unreal & things happened for no clear reason or purpose that I could see.

    Primary school continued this because it was run by militant feminists & they didn’t teach the boys, so I was lost in a mystified state.

    As the months & years went by every other boy I made friends with disappeared as their parents moved them to another school, or in one case was sent to a “special school”, there was nothing wrong with him he just had never been taught to read or anything.

    I ended up having lots of medical tests, they found nothing wrong but removed my adenoids anyway, in an old hospital where instead of an operating theatre they just moved screens down the ward from one bed to the next.

    This was horrific because I have a very high resistance to drugs & although paralyzed could see the nurses carrying huge quantities of blood soaked cotton wool out from behind the screen & binning it. An experience with striking similarities to later abductions.

    My final year at primary school saw the enrollment of a new teacher, she was fantastic & taught me to read finally, by the end of the year I had a reading age of a child twice my age, which meant that I skipped children’s books altogether.

    I still remember going to the shops with my parents one day & having a conscious shock when I realised all the shops had names on them.

    The reason I have included this information is because it had a big effect on how my consciousness developed, for me It’s meant that I didn’t lose the ability to see things very little children can (because they haven’t been trained not to).

    I don’t think things panned out like that by chance, there is too much of a pattern, I’m not claiming someone was behind it, more “some thing”.

    My bedroom in the house we lived in until I was nearly 13 faced onto open wasteland, not long after a house was built on it we moved to a house with fields on either side, my whole life I have had bedrooms that face open land and/or are attics, more than mere chance ?

    I only have two memories from that period (besides shamanic type things like seeing energy around plants ), one I have always remembered;-

    “I am watching my parents talking in the kitchen & the very strong thought comes into my head that they were not actually my parents at all, but people playing roles in an experiment in which I was the subject. I must have been young because my eye level is below the tabletop in the memory.

    I go outside & all the houses are just fronts held up by timber props like a Hollywood set, I look up & there were four figures around something who were looking down on me, like they are all watching me via a screen or something like a table rather than on a wall.”

    The nature of the figures alludes me, they looked “humanish” in shape but I have no recollection of faces, maybe they were hooded.

    The second memory only returned during meditation several years ago;

    “I am sitting upright in my bed, my two younger brothers that share the room with me are cowering behind me, we are all looking at the window.

    The large windows orange curtain is lit up from outside by some means & then silhouettes of things appear against it, they have large heads & scrawny bodies, next they are coming through the glass & the curtain, classic greys, and the fear is unbearable”….and then the memory stops.
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