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Thread: Liszard selfie in the desert.

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    Ha, have to give that one a go. Been meaning to try it for some time now, waiting for a project where it would become useful.
    Were I to analyze it, I think the most clear problem is lighting - seems different for the object and background, too many dark spots with that bright background, not enough indirectional light. The normal mapping is good and not symmetrical. You can almost see in the detail picture that the bumps would actually effect the silhouette, and then that would take relief mapping or some such, but is not so clear that it couldn't be made with normal maps. Also, in the detail pic, could be artifacts, but looks like as moisture condensation or very small dirt specles/bumps are added on top of the texture, visible with the rimlight. The model appears very meshsmoothed, expect the scuplts of the throat region. Another giveaway is the blending of the scaled and not-scaled regions - scales fade in from nothing, like when texture painting with a wet brush.

    Edit: If you zoom in to chin, the scales seem to bump the silhouette. So not a low-res model with normal mapping, that takes high-res sculpt or using newer shaders, with tessalation displacement.
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    I did my analysis of that head and it looks like it was created in a 2D editor.... It was pieced together like a collage in a 2D editor. As for the head itself, it looks like it was pasted onto the background and one can even see white pixels that were not cleanly cut off from the original image in one section of it. The channel analysis is indicating a total disconnect between the head and the neck too.

    Not ruling out that the person who put this image together used someone else's image of a 3d rep. head and simply cut it out from the original background and stuck onto a new background. There are strong indications of this.

    I ran some other tests too and those ones also indicated that that head was pasted onto that background. So, to me, that raises a lot of red flags.

    But the question was... is the rep. in the image real or a fake? It's a fake. It's not a real rep. It's a picture of a digital puppet. lol
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    That arrow on that image was pasted onto that image too.
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    Found something useful to do with that head.
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    Just having fun... wanted to see how that head translates to a different kind of composition.

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