I can't remember hearing anything about any flat earth talk until the Mandela effect came to light. Yet I would not be surprised if the earth was flat! I see all the evidence that supports it. And with all the other changes we are seeing through the Mandela Effect, how could I rule anything out?
I am however a person who has done a lot of travelling and I can clearly remember seeing the curve of the earth. It was something I paid attention to. I can now see the moon taking on a new rotation. The way it lights from the bottom and it just being in the sky a lot more during the day. I'm sure of both the changes in the material we hold intimately, such as the Bible and of the changes to the earth itself.
Could it be possible that the earth had a major life altering event and that over time, people started shifting to what we now know is the new earth? We know that the earth has changed! All I can say is that I know with all my heart that this earth is a lot different from the place I grew up calling home. I've seen the curve and I watched the moon. I don't doubt for a second that we are living in a different place. I felt the shift long before I even knew for sure. All the evidence is not just pointing to it, but provides proof to it. There's just so much!
It is of my opinion that we are all taking part in a simulation, but that doesn't mean that we are not created by and therefore part of a Devin entity, or that that Divine entity is not in some way a part of this shift. We are in a lucid world. The soul inside of us lives in the real world/realm. We are here for the reasons in which only you can find for yourself. We shall wake up to the truth in the right time. I need no convincing of this.
I also think that this is bigger than anything CERN has the ability to be responsible for. So much still unknown though! That's what I will be looking for. Ever evolving in my quest for the truth.
We are unable to change anything that's taking place, except maybe through it ourselves. We have suppressed our selves for too long! We go on ignoring the truth. That's why we have not been able to grow as a species past selfish and fake ideals. To so simply ignore the deception all around us by crawling into our greed living in our denial. I know that we have the ability to evolve, but I also know that we need to get rid of the bull**** to do so. We need to admit that we do not know, except that anything is possible and try to understand as much as we can about this new world we live in.
There are clearly questions to which I don't have the answers to, but he truth is out there. We can see that now more than ever before! We need to continue with exploring the facts. I do know that there is a phenomenon that has changed the way in which I see things. Everything is now in question. I wish I could say that everything in the world was the way I understood it to be. Maybe we are in orbit around the sun. I hope so. That doesn't change that there are other major changes taking place in the world. And there are some convincing points to factor in when looking at the flat earth. Especially when you factor in the Mandela Effect.
The Mandela Effect is the change that has me looking for answers. And to know that there are a lot or other people who have been experiencing the same effect has allowed me to understand that my memories of the world are right and there is reasonable grounds to look at all the possibilities.
To have a place where I am able to write down my thoughts and put them out where others can give feedback is not something I will be ashamed of. I don't expect anyone who's not experienced this to understand because it is out of the realm of logic. I can also understand how this might look as if I were loosing my mind, but I know I'm not! So I will continue to look for answers excepting that there is a possibility of not finding them them. If the role was reversed and I were someone who was not effected by the Mandela Effect, I would not be so fast to discredit what someone(a lot) was saying just because I wasn't seeing it. I would be just as curious to find the answers myself.