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    Something to consider

    I understand through my own experiences that we do move on when we pass away. The majority of us have souls. We answer for the life we live and we may have more than just this life to live along our journey.
    I think the way to fully understand what we are supposed to be doing here is through connecting to our soul. There is a lot that we can learn from each other, but it's my opinion that we also need to stop being so concerned in weather we all follow the path in the same way.
    I've seen through my souls eyes!! I have no doubt about it. I work very hard at being a good and honest person because I know that there are going to be determinations on what comes next based on who I am and what I've contributed to this life.
    It's wonderful to see the world with your soul! Your soul sees so much more than your body can and will allow for the understanding of what is being seen. However the more you connect with your soul the deeper the information you receive can become. There are warnings to the decisions we are making in this life. They can have real connection to the way we move beyond this simulation we find ourselves in, if you will.
    It seems very important that we start understanding the effect our decisions have on all areas of our being. To own the responsibility of our own decisions, and to not look to some outside source to take that responsibility. We only learn through understanding. We understand through knowing truth.
    There seems to be such a massive disconnect from the way in which the truth is revealed. Connecting with our soul is in my opinion the way to that window. A lot of people may not like what they see around them in that realm. Maybe so much so that there would be an evolution for us.
    We need to make some changes for that to happen and enlightenment brings on change. Hence the Mandela effect.... Maybe? A Divine way of waking up a people who have foolishly forgot to love, learn and experience the gift that this life is to us.
    I don't think that we should be in fear of what's awaiting us when we move on either. That would do us no good, in fact this would probably bring us further away from our soul.
    What I'm saying is that we exist in and through our own experience. There is no doubt that when I decided to come to this body, I came to achieve things. If I'm not in tune with my inner self there is a good chance that I won't get those things done.
    Feeding negative behaviour will bring about more. This is a tough one! What's the best way of dealing with someone who has done such wrong? People seem to gravitate to the flashing lights almost hoping to glimpse the worst.
    I am of the opinion that we can completely do away with that behaviour by just including everyone as equal. If two people are working on a project that involves purely strength and one is stronger than the other, as long as both give themselves to the project in the same way, they are equal. When you are a part of something that is of more than just about you, it can be very uplifting. Maybe even enlightening.
    I love myself!! I can't truly understand what love is or how to give it if I don't know that first. How could I? To love yourself is to know yourself. I make my mistakes. I don't have all the answers.
    Perhaps we can just understand that life is still to big to not see it as being created from intelligence. We can seek our own truths about what it means and not let any guidance we receive dictate a path unless we have formed it ourselves.
    I am always thankful for the past me and look forward to where I can be. I love to explore life and would not be me without me. ��
    We don't need to die to experience hell or heaven. We can have them here. I never wanted a barbie, but I also wanted a someone who respected themselves. I like the seasons. Lets me know I'm alive. That being said I try hard to live on the positive side as much as I can.
    Also, don't know if everyone has a soul. There are some really dark and empty people who do some really bad things.
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