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Thread: The latest religious phenomena and huge coincidence

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    The latest religious phenomena and huge coincidence

    This is a fascinating story, not only because of the phenomena itself but because the same thing happened not only to one family, but to another family too (in 2009). But there are other similarities between these two cases that are worth noting and here's a list of them:

    1) They each experienced an unknown oily substance running down a wall...
    2) Each family has suffered the loss of a son.
    4) And... the name of the communities where each family lives, coincidentally, is the same; Guildford.

    What's currently happening:

    Over the past couple of weeks, in Canada, a Catholic immigrant family from Iraq have been experiencing an oily substance seeping from a wall (and small statues of Jesus and Mary) in the mother's bedroom of the apartment they live in. Word quickly got around resulting in hundreds of people visiting their apartment to witness this ongoing miracle. According to the mother, the miracle is from the Virgin Mary whom she has recently seen, standing next to her deceased son, in a vision. The apartment complex they live at is called Guildford's Evergreen Apts.

    Now about that other case:

    During the Christmas of 2009, a yellow oily liquid began weeping from a bedroom wall in a bungalow in Australia.

    It had been the room of a teenaged boy who died in a car crash three years prior. The family was Catholic, the bedroom was converted into a religious shrine and — get this — it happened in a community called Guildford.

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