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Thread: Uk alien invasion?

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    Uk alien invasion?

    HAVE aliens suddenly taken a renewed interest in the renowned paranormal hotspot of the West Country?
    By Jon Austin
    PUBLISHED: 13:32, Tue, Mar 14, 2017 | UPDATED: 14:23, Tue, Mar 14, 2017

    Regional media have reported an upsurge in sightings and odd events in the part of the country known for its mysterious happenings, legends and crop circles - of course allegedly caused by alien visitors.

    Somerset Live reports that there have been two UFO sightings just weeks after claims an alien being was seen in country town Yeovil, in Somerset.

    The website said: "In December we had an alien spotted wearing a Stetson Hat near Yeovil College.

    "Now two more possible unexplained sightings have been reported online. Sadly no alien drawings this time though."

    A witness reported to the UFO Stalker website seeing a UFO in the sky above Lysander Road and the A3088 in Yeovil on March 4.

    In a report to UFO Stalker, the unnamed witness said: "I didn't see anything at the time, we took a photo of the scenery near Lysander Road.

    "The sun was pretty bright so we couldn't see anything at the time.

    "We noticed it later on in the photo when we got home. I think the direction of the object was west."

    . . .(epo333) Have any of our members in the UK heard about this one?

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    very interesting...

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    I'd take anything published in the Daily Excuse (The Express) with a VERY large pinch of salt

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    Quote Originally Posted by Musado View Post
    I'd take anything published in the Daily Excuse (The Express) with a VERY large pinch of salt

    Yea I thought that article was a bit airy, thanks for the advice.

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    They put up Secureteam 10 stuff and say if the real thing often,,,

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