We are now living through the period covered by the Book of Revelations,The Blessed Virgin Mary in her role as a Mediatrix between God & man appeared at Bayside USA (1970-94) with Jesus at times.There were miracles performed there as well as other signs of the Divine presence.She told of how SATAN had entered the church in Rome in the 70's and how 3 cardinals kept Pope Paul drugged on many occasions under his influence.
Satans cloned son (the anti christ) now walks the earth in readiness and of course Satan himself is here since his release back on to the earth in 1940 till the end. So most if not all the pieces of the jigsaw are now in place.
He will use the UFO phenomena which he is behind to explain away the RAPTURE to the world through the news media, as the result of a mass alien abduction.
For more on this please visit the shrine website www.tldm.org and look under the heading Directives for the subject matter.
The BVM also appears today at Medjugorje and has done since 1981, again there have been many miracles and signs to authenticate her appearance there.She has stated this is the last time she will appear on the earth before the end comes.
Another good source is Wendy Alec of GOD TV, she has been taken to the Fathers house in spirit and states her books The Fall Of Lucifer, First Judgement, Son Of Perdition etc are the Fathers story.
As ever in a spiritual battle prayer is key.
Hope you find this helpful, the above website is a gem of information on everything that was said on various topics,you will find it really useful in gaining an understanding in these end times.
Regards John