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Thread: Jacque Vallee ufo sample research

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    Jacque Vallee ufo sample research

    Jacque Vallee the renowned veteran of UFO research was speaking at Contact in the Desert this year. And according to Jeremy Corbell it was riveting. He recounted that Vallee had 12 samples from various craft people had given him over the years and was analysing them. One his research showed - was so isotopically pure that he claimed it would require billions of dollars to reproduce here on Earth.

    This rang true with Corbell because his analysis of Patient Seventeen's implant showed isotopical anomalies that placed it outside of our solar system.

    If anyone went please fill us in with more details. Would love to hear the full talk

    Jacque Vallee was asking people for more samples in the remote chance you have any under the floorboards/ carpet/ hidden away Mons. Vallee might be the person to trust it with. Hopefully results will be published in a book so far nothing...

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    It seems Jacques Vallee (apologies for the earlier spelling mistake) wrote a paper about the analysis of 10 materials samples in 1998

    Physical Analyses in Ten Cases of Unexplained Aerial Objects with Material Samples – Jacques Vallee 1998
    A copy of the paper is available here
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    Have skipped through it - it has a brief 2008 addendum bringing to total number of cases he knows of with metallic samples to 12. He hasn't analysed all the samples - just one I think with Hal Puthoff ( of SRI fame). This could be the one with isotopic analysis. So not as great as would be hoped for but surely he can add some of Roger Lier samples to the list?

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    ..what I’ve been doing quietly, the last couple of years, is looking at things left behind after UFO encounters, after close encounters. I’m talking about things that were either found after a UFO had landed, in addition to the traces and so on, and things that were ejected from UFOs in flight. There are a number of cases where the witnesses are describing a disc that seems to be shaking, seems to be about to explode and he gets hit by other objects that come around it and then it ejects some material infusion. There’s a celebrated case like that at Council Bluffs in a suburb of Omaha, where people were able to pick up the material immediately and the police were there and there were 11 witnesses and so on.

    So I’ve recovered a number of those artifacts and there were two problems with that that have sort of plagued the research for a long time. First, it’s difficult to get access to that because either people throw it away, so you know something happened but they didn’t keep it because some scientist told them, “Oh, it’s just an ordinary stone,” so they threw it away or they keep it as a family heirloom and they won’t let you borrow it. There’s a case I’ve been talking to people at [a sighting] about an artifact that they have, but they won’t let me analyze even a little part of it, because, “Oh that’s so precious,” and so on. Well it’s about them that science looked at this. Fortunately I’m just getting three of these cases analyzed from France, where people are sending me the actual sample, the actual specimen. Most of that is metal.

    The other thing that was very difficult is that beyond chemical analysis, it was very hard to get access to a machine where we could look at the isotopes. Now those machines, at least I have access to at least two different machines, right here in Silicon Valley, because I’m pretty well connected with the high-tech community, including one company that I financed as a venture capitalist. So I have access to their engineers and not only do they have a machine, but they’ve built the machine, so I have access to the people who have actually engineered the instrument and we can begin to look at this. What we’re finding is very preliminary but it’s absolutely fascinating because we’re not finding what we thought we would find. We would find either that the materials were terrestrial, and by the way, when you look at the isotopes, it doesn’t lie because you can look at the ratios of the actual different types of aluminum for example, or magnesium, that is in the sample and you can look at the ratios of the abundance of different isotopes of the same metal, the same element.

    So, either it should be terrestrial, which we can find out very quickly, or it could be extraterrestrial, in which case you’d expect that it would vary by a few percent from the standard ratio.

    Most of those machines are mass spectrometers and they are often used by geologists, among other people, who look at meteorites. Meteorites are extraterrestrial and they don’t have the same ratio of isotopes that you do if you pick up a piece of iron on earth. So they are used to looking at ratios that are a little bit different, but what we find are ratios that are 100% off...

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    Lee Spiegel has restarted a podcast ‘Edge of Reality’ his first guest is Jacques Valllee.
    @1hr 23mins he talks about sample research he has done .


    Mentions this is ongoing 11 papers are up on his site here is one

    He never mentions Dr Gary Nolan but if anyone wants to track down more on the physical evidence aspect of the phenomenon. M J Banias interviewed Dr Nolan who has done some more recent materials analysis for Jacques Vallee
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    His work with Dr Nolan
    Presentation at “Contact in the Desert,” Mojave, 2017.

    about the material composition of UFOs ?’

    This the power pt presentation for the talk.

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