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Thread: MH370: My inner-eye vision of it 3 days after its disappearance

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    MH370: My inner-eye vision of it 3 days after its disappearance

    Yesterday in Google’s ‘Top Stories’ news site, there were a few articles about the mysterious disappearance of airliner MH370 and that even after three years (1,000 days later, which was yesterday) after it disappeared, they still haven’t been able to find it or explain what happened to it. Below are some of those headlines:

    But in a forum, on March 11th, 2014 which was three days after MH370 disappeared off the radar and when everybody naturally assumed that authorities would eventually locate it sometime that week, I posted about an inner eye vision that I had that morning, that showed that airliner being sucked into a portal of a large structure that more or less indicated that MH370 will never be found. Here’s a screenshot of my post on that (PM me if you want the link to that post):

    The brick wall in that vision represents a massive, artificially constructed structure of some sort with a brick-like surface where the plane was sucked into an opening of that structure. Was it a UFO? Or was it a wall that separates our dimension from another dimension and that plane was sucked into a portal in that wall and went into another dimension?

    At any rate, here we are 1,001 days later where that plane’s disappearance still remains a mystery. That vision I had which was 3 days after that plane's disappearance indicated that that airliner would never be found. So far, that seems to be the case.
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