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Thread: Webster Hubbell - Friends in High Places - The Clintons UFOs and Kennedy

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    Webster Hubbell - Friends in High Places - The Clintons UFOs and Kennedy

    Webster Hubbell, Bill Clinton's associate attorney general has published his memoir 'Friends in High Places' and he reveals the Clintons interest in UFOs and he concluded '"secret government wing" holds all such data'

    According the Daily Express

    Scandal hit Mr Clinton asked Webster Hubbell, his associate attorney general, to find out all he could about two of the world's biggest conspiracy theories - that more people than Lee Harvey Oswald were involving in killing his predecessor John F Kennedy, and the US Government has covered up for years the fact that aliens have visited Earth.

    According to his memoir Friends in High Places, Mr Hubbell hit a brick wall at every turn.

    He was unable to find out anything more about the death of JFK.

    Thousands of files made public by the CIA about the death late last year were not handed over.

    And, while he was able to get the disclosure of some files on US interest in UFOs, there was no smoking gun evidence that aliens conspiracy theorists are seeking Mr Hubble concluded that a "secret government wing" holds all such data, that even the President is not privy to...

    ...Mr Hubble, who is the only member of camp Clinton to go public about the former president's attempts said: "Mr Clinton was left disappointed by the lack of information on the subject they received."...

    This isn't a new story been floating about since 2012. So apologies if people have heard about this before
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