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Thread: Luis Elizondo

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    Quote Originally Posted by skywavebe View Post
    On the other hand as it has been proposed by Dr. Greer, no stranger to ET contact that we might as well bypass the governments that are only concerned with greed and war making for the same reason and leave them in the dust as Earths People advance beyond their preposterous agenda. I had been on the search where I was looking for how the ET's negated or made opposition to those of the true Christian religion on Earth. What I found was they were positive towards the idea and although they call it a different term God is recognized by them as well.
    Maybe this is a forbidden subject here but does not the Universe or Universes contain all things and to leave out those items due to religious association is not the full story then. Was Valiant Thor a fictional character made up by someone? Why did they remain here 3 years?
    skywavebe, thought I would share these . . .

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    Detailed analysis of Mandatory Declassification Review of report.

    With a small triumph in the effort to get transparency on a hot topic issue, The Black Vault has secured the partial release of the classified report on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs) given to Congress in June of 2021.

    This video is a complete, deep-dive, breakdown of what was released. And... what was not!

    At 7:30 Clears up issues with Lou Elizondo regarding number of pages on other reports.

    *Something New* (?)
    At around 40:10 reports of a helicopter pilot and two weapons systems officers had encounter. (epo comment: were weapons fired???)

    So seemed like this was worth the hour or so of viewing to me!
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    March 23, 2022 - 2 hour special - 200k Subscriber Celebration

    AND . . .

    Interview with Luis Elizondo
    - Former Director, Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification

    (epo comment)
    I had to come back to edit post as I "Think" near the end of the interview Luis Elizondo stated for the first time as a fact that he has seen a UFO. ( at 1:14:25)
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    If anyone is ever in need of something decent to watch Curt's Theories of Everything Ch is superb.
    This interview is another good one with Lue and Sean Cahill.
    Towards the end they really go off on one about the senseless trolls in ufology.
    I think we have policed ourselves pretty well on this site but they seem to have had a ridiculous number of completely unfounded slurs directed at them.
    Unfortunately there's a very vocal and moronic few who persist against all the evidence that these guys are somehow out for themselves or government disinformation agents.
    And others who just want to stir things up to make themselves feel big and promote themselves by taking cheap shots at them. It's really easy to shoot people down but it's very hard to build something truly worthwhile like Lue and Chris Mellon have.
    Then there's Steven Greer who is added fuel to the fire as if he's the new messiah.

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    Did anyone read this outstanding piece of journalism by Tim McMillan?

    Luis Elizondo’s old boss has now left the Pentagon
    He was one of the cogs blocking the whole disclosure process.
    He was cited as the head of the new pentagon UAP task force with him out of the way things can really start to roll.

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    Following the fallout with Garry Reid Lue talks to UFO Jesus

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    Ufo Jesus on the public release on Luis Elizondo’s complaint to the Inspector General
    Link the the 6 page document in the video description

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    Quote Originally Posted by Longeyes View Post
    Ufo Jesus on the public release on Luis Elizondo’s complaint to the Inspector General
    Link the the 6 page document in the video description

    It's all over Twitter, too.
    An opinion should be the result of thought, not a substitute for it.
    - Jef Mallett

    Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.
    - Charles Darwin

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    Seems like the best place for these documents . . .

    Interesting reading around page 11 of the pdf count.

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    Jack Sarfatti - UAP Warp-Drive Physics, Non-Locality & The Nobel Prize

    Dr. Jack Sarfatti provides a detailed history of quantum entanglement & non-locality, offers insights into the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics, and describes how Susskind & Maldecena's ER=EPR conjecture explains UAP flight performance and Elizondo's "5 Observables".

    I watched this in two sittings. The historical info from Sarffatti is fascinating!

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