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Thread: Luis Elizondo

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    Yep well if anyone been following the story unfold there wasn’t anything new.

    I agree with you the press seem to have lost interest. The momentum has been lost hoping the next revelations kick start it all again.

    What I find incredible is that surely this is the biggest story you can have ‘ We are not alone’ and none of the press seem to be asking questions or nosing around after the NYT article it beggars belief.
    Are we so numbed by Alien movies that it just seems to fanciful to be true or so I inerred with the lies that the truth is meaningless. Who knows?

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    One of the quest 23:45 put to Mr. Elizondo is to me very telling. I for one am not looking for something along these lines to put "faith" into.

    A good question is at 25:59 and, well, he has no answer. And, why has the question not been put to some of the smarter people in the organization? It seems to me the way he and this organization as indeed the DOD, has done a disservice to the American people. Why would they release this information before they knew the answer? Unless it was disinformation for some reason; maybe? Obfuscation?

    So here's someone who is probably smarter and has addressed those very questions.

    Now what about the question of the ALERT in Hawaii, was it or was it not an accident?
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    Come on who knows. They’ve given two videos they hope to get more out there.
    Why in the world would you think this is disinformation? At last a group in the US government is trying to get some info out there.

    I thought Dr Tyson’s reply was appalling, there is no evidence so I won’t look. That’s not scientific! We all know there is plenty of good data out there. It’s because scientists have thier blinkers on that the majority of folk are in the dark. They ‘know’ it’s nonsense before even looking?!?

    This is just the beginning and he is trying to get more stuff declassified, we are going to have to be patient. I’m hopeful this next release will be about the samples. It would be fantastic if they could release some of the analysis. The samples might be too much to hope for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Longeyes View Post
    Come on who knows. Theyíve given two videos they hope to get more out there.
    Why in the world would you think this is disinformation? At last a group in the US government is trying to get some info out there.

    I'm not really a "NAY SAYER", but just to be fair, I remember a few years age when another (retired) group in the US government attempted to "get some info out there".

    First let me introduce myself. My name is Request Anonymous. I am a retired employee of the U.S. Government. I won't go into any great details about my past, but I was involved in a special program.

    As for Roswell, it occurred, but not like the story books tell. There were two crash sites. One southwest of Corona, New Mexico and the second site at Pelona Peak, south of Datil, New Mexico.

    The crash involved two extraterrestrial aircraft. The Corona site was found a day later by an archaeology team. This team reported the crash site to the Lincoln County Sheriff's department. A deputy arrived the next day and summoned a state police officer. One live entity [EBE] was found hiding behind a rock. The entity was given water but declined food. The entity was later transferred to Los Alamos.

    The information eventually went to Roswell Army Air Field. The site was examined and all evidence was removed. The bodies were taken to Los Alamos National Laboratory because they had a freezing system that allowed the bodies to remain frozen for research. The craft was taken to Roswell and then onto Wright Field, Ohio.

    I do not feel that Tom and his ATS company is exactly the same, so lets hope time bears out a far more positive result than the example above...

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    Quote Originally Posted by epo333 View Post
    Thanks for posting your notes Longeyes, sorry to say I fell asleep by the first half hour . . .

    I hope something breaks in the next couple months, or we'll be chasing our tails again, IMO.
    I am with you on the timeline, for this to be truly effective, there needs to a flow of at least three or four releases in close proximity otherwise interest will flounder.

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    the tune sounds Ok but the is something about the key. My gut churns every time I give this any amount of scrutiny. Talk is cheap. I and many here have been around long enough to have seen much empty talk.

    Here is something we all can be aware of and demand the Gov. spend a few million on! And maybe shed a little perspective.

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    Well that maybe because we are all well aware what they are revealing is the very tip of the iceberg. I found it telling how much in awe he (Luis) was that one of TDLís team was ex-head of Skunkworks, because in my mind heís very well aware that Lockheed in particular have been back engineering stuff for years.
    I donít think this is a con job. My gut instincts say this is the real deal. I think Americans in particular seem to think this is another cheat or lie or conspiracy understandably youíve been lied to so many times. But there are decent well meaning individuals in this world but they generally arenít in positions of power. Listening to Elizondo he acts how I think I would act in his position. The people need to know so they can decide whatís next- they have a right to know the truth however uncomfortable that is.
    Epoís compared this to Serpo but IMO itís nothing like Serpo because we know who all the players are, front of house at least. Serpo was all anonymous reporting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by whoknows View Post

    Now what about the question of the ALERT in Hawaii, was it or was it not an accident?
    While I cannot answer this definitively, (because I don’t know), I can tell you that scores of local residents reported seeing an intercept with air burst and many believe a massive cover-up took place.
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    Longeye, all I'm saying is that I have been listening to the same song for over 60 years, and it is getting old.

    I can say I used to hear my father talking about the "skunkworks" back in the 60's, I was mostly to young to know or care about what the details of those conversations. I do know this though he had a top secret security clearance, thios was because he supposedly worked on the hydraulics for the shielding on the "nuclear powered aircraft." He did say later when I was old enough and there was talk publicly about that project; that it was no more than a cover for money being funneled into other projects (SR71?) who knows what else.

    The upshot of what I am trying to say is that the US gov. has been long known (at least for some) to love the idea obfuscation. It seems in some pretty bizarre ways. I never found out what he was really working on but he always had a laugh when ever anyone in the media talked about the "Nuclear aircraft." When asked why he would start by saying, first it would be too heavy to get of the ground to begin with and if it ever did and crashed in would pail the damage of either of the nukes we dropped on Japan.

    A couple of his favorite saying through out my life were, "Believe none of what hear and only half of what you see" the other was "If a man bets you that he can make the jack of hearts jump up out of a deck of card and spit in your eye don't bet against him." It's a scam of some kind in other words.

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