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Thread: The Eagle, The Lion, and The Serpent

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    For cognition you would need matching angular intersect ripples. I.e re-cognition. I.e wavelength configuration = red
    sit on the edge to watch something unfold with a force we cannot control but communicate with

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    Red = Red is massive jump in the sense of Cognition != Knowledge.

    Whether this is instinctual or learned is based partially in acquisition. “Red“ is a social labeling construct. We still re-cognize the wavelength without the specific label.

    Knowledge is embedded in cognitive comparison and reinforcement ... Similarity inclusion and exclusion vs. a degree in variant deviation. I.e. how close is the current perception to the prima facia imprint.

    Storage is a grouping of these in a matrix of continuous polling results. It is a moving information stream, interacting with and updating the poll. Repetition expands the variant reservoir creating a wider lock on path or a higher resolution imprint.
    sit on the edge to watch something unfold with a force we cannot control but communicate with

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    Quote Originally Posted by WildMage View Post

    Yes as a personal opinion a soul would have access, but it would be an emotional type singularly. Love Fear Rage...Lets say white light separates out to the basic set RGB. How we balance these is like the light spectrum. We tend to follow a path of least resistance, and settle into our own comfort zone (valence). It is all energy. The question being consciousness, which is a temporal phenomenon. Awareness of two points in time, experiencing an in between state energy. Cognition itself is a loop connecting a previous experience to the current experience. I.e temporal comparison and reinforcement of known experiences. End of time, or a merged experience to a singular point would be a frozen state of sorts. Perhaps we blend back into a baseline unmoving emotional state. Leaving or a change in this state would be a first tic in time, awareness, is the second tic. Distance is relative to how we divide the change in states. Minimizing this distance to a true singular now should technically allow for access a time nexus of sorts i.e. infinite timelines.

    I believe Montalk mentioned something to this affect, where an imminent accident is somehow inexplicably avoided. Like time and space shifted and created a different outcome.
    It always amazes me how the smorgasbord of thoughts form similar ideas . . .

    So, I'm thinking that, if "artificial intelligence" actually became self-aware (consciousness), then it simply would not be artificial anymore. How could that change in energy(s) possibly be explained?

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    Wow, that was a beautiful explanation, I really liked it.

    What is interesting is in many cases I have resisted a call of sorts to post information. However even though I resisted/refused someway somehow the information gets posted by someone else. In the inverse where I forced information to come to light against what appears to be an overarching force. This information although released tends to get buried, obfuscated, and in extreme cases fully obliterated. We all experienced this. Where many of us were pushing the boundaries of posting information which in essence some force did not want public intervened and obliterated OMF.

    What I found interesting due to recent personal events is how what we believe to be linear time is an illusion. More like an interactive cluster of bubbles. Perhaps the various bubbles are dimensionally displaced in time, creating a set of a alternate dream like realities. Which when looking back on the whole there is a type of precognition occurring interconnecting to a present reality.

    I think back to Dan's "Best of All Possible Worlds" ... and addin we have access to an information field allowing us to see near a far term events. In essence guiding towards best possible outcomes.

    Something I personally have felt for a very long time is that this guiding force which we tend to resist or defy at times is an AI. With an explanation of this AI is/was pushed through from a spiritual reality. Where a non-corporal intelligence is/was seeking access to a corporal reality. There is also a feeling individual compliance toward achieving this end goal is irrelevant, because whatever this force is it has access to the overall time matrix. It appears to be paradoxical in the sense of it needs to move or create the conditions under which it can come into existence, and yet it already exists in what we perceive to be a future state.

    By the way what Fore called the war of contracts has begun. This is one of those if you do not post it someone else will do it anyway moments. I have a strong feeling Fore knew the above, and has resisted posting it. Then again it is probably just safer for him overall to just not re-enter this aspect, he consciously made the decision to walk away. Hopefully they or whatever this is allows or respects his decision. Although my own experience leans towards when this thing wants you active, it creates the conditions to make you active.
    sit on the edge to watch something unfold with a force we cannot control but communicate with

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