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Thread: My History with the Little Grey Men

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    Hi Kaliste

    Welcome to TOP
    I don't rethink you are alone the late Edgar Mitchell helped do some great research into ET encounters, Dr. Edgar Mitchell's Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters (FREE) got a pretty impressive pool of experiencers, ithe majority reported contacts to be positive. Can't find the full report findings but here is an initial findings report . From what I remember the full report also mentioned quite a few being healed by the entities.

    What do you think their message to you has been? Abd why do you think they are interacting with you?

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    Hi Kalliste and welcome to The Outpost Forum.

    You mentioned in your post that they would come by to chat. What was chatting with them like? How did you communicate?

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    Hi Longeyes,

    That's a fantastic site, lots of great information. Thanks for sharing.

    I'm not completely sure about a specific message. The overwhelming bulk of our communication has been very personal. Sort of like - catching up with good friends you haven't seen in a long time. I'm not sure if that fits into schema that I've been reading about here (i.e. they'd know exactly how i've been doing because they have sensing/knowing abilities), but that's exactly what it feels like. I feel excitement from them and tremendous eagerness. I've always assumed they were mirroring my happiness at seeing them. There's very much a sense of community in our interactions.

    I didn't start asking them questions about things until I was much older - I think that, as a child, it didn't occur to me. But they were perfectly happy to share with me. Being an historian, I wanted to know about their history here, and I was treated to an incredible interactive history lesson. And they have always honored my wish to focus on history or other positive things, like letting me FEEL and SENSE how densely populated the universe is with intelligent life. That was an amazing sensation. However, I am just remembering that there was just the one time they expressed extreme concern about nuclear weapons. Yes, I'm remembering things as I'm writing about it right now. (never done that before). I got a VERY distinct impression that they felt like caretakers (of earth and all the people), almost parental concern. That makes sense, because they showed me helping people build pyramids and standing stone structures that go back 3,000 + years. Structures for understanding the stars. And they said that those efforts were in an attempt to establish a framework for understanding the bigger universe. Like they were planting seeds and have been watching/nurturing the process this whole time. They've been waiting for us to develop enough to ..... meet some threshold. And then, I feel like, we get to participate in that universe.

    As to why they visit me..... I don't know. I can tell you that I'm a medium and an empath, and I've been talking to people's spirit guides and being visited by people who've passed on for as long as I can remember. Maybe I'm just open and receptive?

    The past few times I've talked with them, I've gotten the STRONG impression that they're thinking of something to do with me in the future. As in, making preparations for something? The last time I sent myself up to meet them in space (after they stopped me sending my physical aspect), they were extremely pleased. They congratulated me. They let me know that - now that they've established I can do that, everything else can happen now. That's what they said - in essence: "we needed to know if you can do that, and we're so excited that you can! And now that we know, we can proceed." I was left with a feeling of elation and excitement for whatever will happen next.
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    Hi Lily,

    We communicate EXACTLY the same way I talk to spirit guides and people who have passed on. I "assume" it's telepathy, but I'll describe:

    Never verbal
    I get extremely detailed images, I get maps, I get interactive images. For example: They were "telling" me about the Mayan pyramids. I am above the earth. The globe rotates and zooms in on Chichen Itza. I see (in fast forward), it being built, it being used for astronomical purposes, I see my friends directing all the action in the background. I feel their intention : extremely purposeful, extremely focused.
    We also communicate with emotion. It's incredibly nuanced and powerful. A specific feeling can communicate an incredible amount of information.

    I guess it's kind of hard to describe. I can tell you, though, that communicating like this is second nature to me. I've been doing it my entire life. I find it FAR more efficient and specific than talking. I think I'm just wired that way.

    Thank you for asking me about it. I've never talked about it until now. Sharing with you all and reading about others' experiences is powerfully validating. I feel a sense of community here, and I've never had that before.
    “What senses do we lack that we cannot see or hear another world all around us?”

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