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Thread: Chinese Initiative for ET Disclosure

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    And this last post in April 2020 is a bit disappointing...

    The Chinese Initiative has been called off because of two matters. The City of Heze where the WCEC HQ was to be established had a major mining disaster last year that has affected the economy of Heze. Last discussions were in March 2020 and there was no change from last years event. A new city was proposed for to progress the discussions with the 32 country delegates, but the circumstances have prevented any progress. In addition the Coronavirus has also exacerbated the situation.

    The World Coalition on Extra-terrestrial Contact (WCEC) with 32 countries has taken awhile for full agreement from each delegate country. To abandon this historical success would retrograde progress so far. Each delegate had to take an oath to agree to the mission statement and policies of the WCEC.

    During this April 2020, since the launch back in October 2018 in Moscow, it was decided that the (WCEC) should go ahead without China. This was agreed on this month and will be setting up WCEC as an International NGO that would be recognised by United Nations.

    However, in order to launch this initiative at the UN that are some requirements:

    1. WCEC needs to be an INGO.

    2. A selected sovereign state (country) needs to back the initiative and addresses the UN.

    Because China is no longer involved is a disappointment to all delegates, losing out on having the influence of China at the UN, also being part of the Security Council, plus the previous substantial funding to back this type of initiative may be a major set back, but can still be a powerful force if designed another way.

    At present a new manifesto is being developed with the agreed mission statement by all delegates.
    WCEC has 32 delegates from 32 countries. Each delegate has been selected from each country that will act for the WCEC mission. Previous details were posted in PA.

    Discussions have just started with the Republic of San Marino (country) at a high level. Once the WCEC manifesto is agreed upon and finalized this will be submitted to the government of San Marino.

    Just recently the organisation called To The Stars Academy (TTSA) have shown interest of being involved with this initiative through there spokesperson Luiz Elizondo. Discussions have taken place with Luiz Elizondo and two principle delegates from the WCEC.

    Recent discussions of the 32 delegates from WCEC are debating the pros and cons of having TTSA involved. If WCEC and the San Marino government go ahead with the initiative and launch at the UN, the media involvement would be weak for such an important event, in particular, any financial support that was originally established, constrains any significant progress for the future.

    Ufological history has shown that there was never 32 countries plus the President of one country launch UFO/ET subject to the next level on a worldwide basis. There was a UFO committee back in 1978 that wasn’t based on a powerful force of this nature and was unsuccessful for other reasons.

    The specific guidelines of TTSA shows NO mention of ExtraterrestrIal/Alien/UFOs. TTSA strategy in its offering does not mention the WCEC. However, the WCEC had no manifesto at the time of the discussions with TTSA. It would be of know surprise for the TTSA cause to be interested in having the Republic of San Marino support at the UN.

    The policy of TTSA are the following:

    1. Does not allow the ET and Alien or UFOs as mentioned in there remit.

    2. They are part of the government of the United States. TTSA is within the military part with a remit to find the source of the phenomena and discover the ‘treasure’ so to speak. This is a well-known military policy. This isn’t aligned with WCEC and the public’s interest. A TTSA policy of the phenomena is designed with an intent as a threat, which is a false premise but advantageous for military industrial business.

    3. A small faction in the military are for 'Pro Disclosure', however, a slow disclosure is an attempt on their own terms, a well measured strategy for a long duration with no final outcome and consistent frequent disinformation to perpetrate distraction and confusion.

    We have an interesting dilemma that is currently being debated. If the WCEC partner with TTSA plus having the Republic of San Marino backing the initiative, may result with a very different manifesto.

    However, the 'advantage' of having the partnership of TTSA/WCEC/San Marino may result with significant publicity worldwide which also may trigger funding for the WCEC/San Marino.

    This is the current situation with no successful conclusion. However, it will be interesting to see how this unfolds with the present scenario.

    Garuda any more news on this?

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    No need to waste anymore time on this, at least not for now, as shis initiative is completely dead.
    That news from January 2020 actually dates back almost a year.
    None of the people I know who were selected to represent their countries have since had any updates.
    As I said from the beginning, this was dodgy. People were lured in with false promises, and the alleged main sponsor had never agreed to sponsor anything beyond the one conference.
    I was asked to represent South Africa, but during the Skype Meeting where everything was presented and discussed I immediately noticed that I was being presented with false information, and never took the bait.
    An opinion should be the result of thought, not a substitute for it.
    - Jef Mallett

    Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.
    - Charles Darwin

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