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Thread: Hello from the UK

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    Hello from the UK

    Hi All

    Just wanted to introduce myself, I found this forum from the website.

    Ive always had an interest in UFOs although Ive never seen one myself would like to hopefully broaden my knowledge of what I already know.

    Ill be honest im a facts first kind of Person, I guess that comes from having a Military and Police Background (im no longer in either) with that in mind Id love to be able to investigate some cases here in the UK if possible. So if you could point me in any recent cases Id be interested to go take a a look.

    I was intrigued by the Serpo Story and i too believe some of it is truth, or based on real events.

    I think the likes of (sorry if I offend anyone) Corey Goode is talking BS why would you not have any physical evidence or not want to provide it? The SSP in its whole, I find a bit far fetched I much prefer the testimony of Ex government officials and the the likes of Bob Lazar. I think its that type of testimony that will eventually get the truth out in the open.

    Like I said would love to find Out (if anyone can point me in the right direction) what the UK knows regards the craft, ETs, moon/ Mars bases etc or is it Mainly the US thats running the show and holding all the cards?

    Thanks guys

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    Hello and welcome to the forum.
    Always nice to see new members.

    As to UFO research in GB, I have always followed Nick Pope. And the Rendelshem incident seems to be a great case for UFO proof. We have ongoing conversations about both, as well as many other interesting topics.
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    Hello UFOhunterUK and welcome to the forum.

    I've always been fascinated by the the Rendlesham case. I think the best book about it is, "You Can't Tell the People" by Georgina Bruni. I have it on Kindle. There is also a lot to read about it on this forum.

    If you are on Facebook, you might want to friend or follow Gary Heseltine. He is a retired police detective in the UK who is also interested in UFOs, including the Rendlesham case.

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    I'm not a Corey Goode fan, either. His stories sounds more like bad science fiction than anything else.
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    Welcome aboard UFOhunterUK, you'll find plenty of data here on probably anything that's been reported the last 50, 60 years.

    Here is a link to the Rendlesham case, (there may be other threads as well) the last bit of info I remember is that the US government caved in and granted one or two of the witnesses extended health care due to illnesses claimed by the servicemen out investigating lights on that December night.

    Again, welcome aboard . . .

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    Hey UFOhunterUK, welcome to the forum, feel free to ask any questions, all great folks here!


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    Hi all

    Thanks for the warm welcome! Plenty of advise and pointers there to start me off. Hopefully see you about the forum!

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    Welcome to The Outpost Forum...

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