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Thread: Are Physical Structures In The Brain Responsible For Our Level Of Intuition?

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    Dr Garry Nolan was on KGRA recently

    Well worth a listen

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    Epigenetics not genetics maybe the way these are antennae are inherited. They haven't found genetic markers for them. Both John Burroughs and his wife have them and some does their son. Chances of them meeting very slim.
    His aims were to produce solid reproducible evidence that other scientists can build on. 'Antennae' are found in caudate putamen.
    Apparently some schizophrenics have the same structures. (Maybe there weren't schizophrenic at all.)

    Did a talk to Havard with Kit earlier in the year see article at the start of this thread.

    Kit Green's paper on it all.

    Gary hasn't published yet.

    Further reading Keith Basterfield as ever is leading the fray...
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    MJ Banias has done an great interview with Garry Nolan, he's the guy who wrote the article which started this thread.
    He's doing some great research and great interviews Chris put one up he did with the director of Third Eye Spies Lance Mungia which also very good.

    The most explosive stuff is he admits he was given Jacques Vallee's 'UFO' samples to analyse and he's tested them and had them to independent labs to verify results and he's got an couple of very highly regarded journals to, in principle, publish the findings.
    He says some are extraordinary. He thinks the materials should be called 'ultra' rather than 'meta' materials and that maybe whoever made them understands isotopic chemistry and physics, i.e. how various isotopes effect material properties- a science we have very little knowledge of. He admits to childhood encounters and recommends Diana Palsulka's book which to me hints again that he is one of her anonymous contributors.

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    Thanks for posting this Longeyes, it is one of the best interviews I've seen in a while.

    It would be nice to see one of Dr. Garry and the "movers and shakers" he spoke of.

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    Thanks Epo glad you liked it. I have great admiration for Dr Garry Nolan he’s putting his reputation on the line to stand by this stuff and as the interview showed us very highly respected.
    Good luck to him.

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