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Thread: Third Eye Spies - remote viewing documentary- Russell Targ

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    Third Eye Spies - remote viewing documentary- Russell Targ

    Documentary about remote viewing with Russell Targ.

    Reaease date 1st March 2019

    Looks like it's really well made, Targ takes a trip and meets remote viewers and friends around the world.

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    Available here...
    26th Feb.
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    Just watch it. Quite brilliant. Has all the remote viewing stars in it.
    Very good history of US psychic research.
    Highly recommended

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    Thanks, Longeyes! Downloaded this last night, looking forward to watching it. There are lots of extras on Lance Mungia's YouTube channel.
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    Hi Guys this is now on Amazon Prime if you have it

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    Third Eyes Spies free on YT now. If you haven't watched can't recommend it strongly enough...

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