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Thread: America Cosmic - Diana Walsh Pasulka - Book

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    America Cosmic - Diana Walsh Pasulka - Book

    New book out people maybe interested in

    She sets out researching UFOs as purely a religion and then becomes a believer.

    She was on coast to coast a few days ago

    Professor of Religious Studies Diana Walsh Pasulka discussed her six-year, immersive study of communities of UFO believers that included journeying to a desert in the Southwest and the secret archives of the Vatican, to explore how belief in UFOs is covered up, investigated, engaged, and created. She was driven blindfolded to an alleged UFO crash site with two successful entrepreneurs/scientists, UFO believers, named "Tyler" and "James." Equipped with metal detectors, the three probed the rattlesnake-infested location in New Mexico looking for "artifacts." She said there was rubble six inches deep, and according to Tyler, the government littered the area with aluminum cans to cover-up any remaining evidence. Comparing the artifacts to relics revered in various religions, she said they found pieces that resembled aluminum foil but were something more anomalous.

    Pasulka also described her research with Tyler at the secret archive and Observatory at the Vatican (view related images). While there, she examined 18th-century manuscripts related to St. Joseph of Cupertino, a saint famous for his levitations, to make comparisons to unexplained aerial phenomena, and those who'd had ET/UFO contacts. In addition, they looked at materials about a 17th-century Spanish nun, Sister Maria, who was also said to levitate, as well as bi-locate to a spot in America-- in what is now New Mexico.

    She claimed she had the physical samples analyzed by experts and when they figured out what they were -they refused to have anything more to do with her. Annoying if they knew they aren't alone then we might get decent scientific analysis out there in the open. Not sure TTSA's ADAM project have any she never mentioned it or any names.

    She talked about 'the Invisible College' so called by Hynek and Jacques Vallee, groups of scientists around the world secretly researching UFOs. 'Tyler' worked at NASA on the space shuttle and she said had set up several successful businesses in bio tech using some technology gleaned from these kind of samples.

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    For those of you invisible or watching closely

    Very interesting interview by MIKE DAMANTE

    ..."The title ‘American Cosmic’ came to me as I gradually realized that a lot of the invisibles seemed to participate in a historical lineage going back to Jack Parsons, and the people who initially hammered out the technologies that laid the groundwork for modern space exploration<“ said Pasulka. “ My editor is a very perceptive person, and recommended a book by scholar George Young called ‘The Russian Cosmists.’ His book is about the history of ideas behind the Russian Cosmist movement, and some of the scientists who initiated their space technology. I saw a parallel tradition in the United States, so it occurred to me to call my book’ American Cosmic’ first as a way to honor Young’s research, and second as a way to identify that the traditions of the American Cosmists are still around. They haven’t been thrown into the dustbin of history, in other words. “

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    There's a whole chunk of American Cosmic published here...
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    Someone has already figured out who Tyler is PM if you want to know - not sure it's really fair to blast it about. But he hasn't been scrubbed from the internet.
    And I think I know who her second abductee scientist 'James' is

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    Great interview with Dr Pasulka and Leslie Kean

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